Once upon a time…

There was a girl named Lulu,  and she decided to blog. 🙂 I’m super duper extra new to the entire social media world so pretty please be patient and understanding if my font makes your eyes bleed or all my posts for awhile consist of “OMG I FOUND OUT HOW TO LINK THINGS”. I promise that underneath the silliness and technology handicapped-ness there is actually a pretty cool chick. I’m not sure exactly what I’m going to use this blog for, so it will probably end up a hodge podge of everything to do with me – exciting, right??

So first things first, I’m Lulu…shocker! I live in Florida, which is not so bad and not so good. I’m pretty sure Florida is known for only a handful of things. 1. Disney (which isn’t so super cool once you’ve lived here FOREVER, I promise as cool as it is – there’s only so much Mickey a girl can take. 2. Miami – Which… I live nowhere near. I DO have a strong affinity for Pitbull and his music, but that’s about as close to Miami as I get. 3. Hurricanes. Yeah, they suck. I’m inland enough to where it’s not so bad…but still. Suckfest. 4. Oranges. I don’t really have anything to say about oranges, they’re tasty but as a color it makes me look washed out. 5. The heat… not like the basketball team (though they’re super awesome, go wade!), but the fact that when you walk outside wearing makeup on any given day, you’ll end up looking like a jacked up wax figure by the end of the day…with a giant poofball on your head (Thanks humidity!).

Let’s see, what else… I’m 26. Which means that I’m right in the middle of still being a complete teenager about things (no offense teenagers, but you know you guys are nuts) and feeling old. On the bright side, I finally have myself mostly figured out and I’m no longer stumbling through life like Bambi on new legs. Everyone says I have an old soul, which I’m pretty sure is just a polite way of saying that I’m super boring and mature. Or it could be because I do “old lady” things. I’m a crochetaholic, for reals. It’s relaxing! I promise you, those old bitties know what’s up. It’s no longer your grandma’s thing. There’s a whole craft revolution thing going on, we’re bringing it back. Much like we brought back sexy – Thanks J.T! So, I think that’s it for now. I always decide to make these types of things at like 1 in the morning on a whim and then it’s like 2 in the morning and I’m like “omg wtf are you doing up so late? You’re crazy! Go to bed and stop talking to yourself!” You know, it’s kind of freeing being on a new site, nobody knows me here yet and nobody is following me so nobody can laugh at what a dork I am yet. I’m going to have the Field of Dreams mentality with this thing though.

“If you build it, they will come.”


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