OOOOh baby, I’m just a glove machine, and I don’t wanna glove nobody but you!

It’s probably not a great sign that in order to keep myself awake I have to count rows like the count does from Sesame street. One – ah ah ah Two – Ah ah ah, you get the idea. Then I made up my own version of Love Machine, or whatever the name of that old school song is. ANYWAY, I finished my custom orders for this week and I’m oh so happy about it! Here are some pics.


This is glorious news because 1. Now tomorrow I can frolic around the house and play video games prior to having “ladies night” and 2. Basically it was just the one thing, I want to be lazy. It just seems so important that it deserved two numbers. I would totally high-five myself for a day of productivity, but high-fiving yourself is like liking your own facebook status. Unheard of! Hope everyone is having a super Hump Day! I’m going to go share Cool Ranch Doritos with my main squeeze and watch some Criminal Minds. Livin la vida loca baby!



P.S. If you’d like me to make you a custom order, or want to take a looksy at my Etsy shop it’s: 


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