5 Quick and Easy ways to Save Money and “Go green”

There’s always SO much talk on the web, in stores, magazines, books, the tv and movies about our carbon footprint, global warming and “Going Green” but a lot of people just don’t have the time, money, or know really how to go about doing that in a way that fits their lifestyle. Here are some quickies that are easy and actually save YOU money in the end!

1. I have 4 words for you “compact fluorescent light bulbs” :  At first glance these lightbulbs seem like they’re much more costly than the ones we typically buy, however at around $9 dollars each they actually SAVE you money by lasting YEARS and also they only use a 1/4th of the energy that regular bulbs use.

2. Use less! That’s easy enough right? Quick and easy ways to use less would be take a faster shower, turn off the water while you brush your teeth, turn off the AC/Heat when you leave the house for a few hours. Turn off your computer or put it in power saving mode at night, open your blinds or windows for fresh air and natural light and save on your electric bill. Little tip – Run your laundry and dishwasher at night! Some electric and water companies charge LESS during certain times of the day/night because there’s less demand!

3. Use your own shopping bags! I love this one because there are SO many to choose from. Most stores even offer their own bags with their logos on them. Publix is a Florida based grocery store and they have bright green bags you can buy and reuse over and over, Target has their own as well. MY favorites have been found at Joann’s Fabrics, they have adorable bags that have “Conserve. Create. Craft” on them and little birds or trees. Very cute! Anyway, this one is great because you can get bags that show off your personality and because it’s a cheap way to change into a greener lifestyle. TIP: I always keep my reuseable bags in my truck! It’s easier to “remember” something that’s already where it should be.

4. Look for the recycling label on paper products! You can buy recycled paper for toliet paper, tissue, writing paper, wrapping paper, etc. You can even upcycle some things in your house. If you are one of the few people who actually support the dying age of Newspaper you can use the “funny pages” as a cute wrapping paper for gifts.

5. Walk or bike places that are close to home! Not only is this better for traffic, the environment, and YOU, but it’s better for your wallet too. I don’t think we even need to talk about how bad the gas prices are – this is a great way to save some major moolah AND get you out enjoying the fresh air and getting a nice work out in too. I know the weather makes this one a toughie for some people, but keep it in mind in the summer 🙂

I’ve been doing little things to help me save money on my electric bill and trying to have a “greener” lifestyle the past few years and these are the ways that I’ve really seen a difference in my bills and that I found the easiest to change over to. Thanks for reading!





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