R.I.P Whitney Houston

It seems like the music lovers and industry just got over losing one of the greats with Michael Jackson’s passing…and now Ms Houston, one of the OD’s (Original Divas) has passed. I’ve always loved and respected her music, and was heartbroken when I read that she had died. I thought that maybe it was just twitter being a doofus because (If you have an account on twitter you know this already) there have been a lot of random RIP’s posted in the last week or so, and none of the people had actually passed away. I checked ABC news to confirm, and sure enough… she had passed away. I never met her, I never spoke with her, I never even saw her perform live. So why when I heard the news, did I instantly tear up? Music connects us all. Sometimes in small ways, sometimes in deep ways that we may not even know at the time.

I remember being a little girl and being outside in my backyard belting out ‘I will always love you” and swinging on a tree swing my dad installed for me. I remember my mom and dad dancing to “I wanna dance with somebody” before they drifted apart and eventually divorced. I remember my sisters and I dancing around and singing with hairbrushes with a lot of her songs, which was a nice break from us screaming at each other for wanting to use the phone or someone wearing someone else’s clothes. Music slips in there with our memories and leaves a mark. There are songs and bands that I HATE because they go with a bad memory or remind me of someone that I don’t want to think of any more. *Cough cough* Breaking Benjamin *cough cough* There are songs that I listen to and I instantly remember what I was doing when I first heard them; My first kiss, the first song I slow danced with a boy to, the song that was playing when I held hands with someone and first fell in love. Music becomes a part of us, and when someone sings with as much heart and soul as she did – it’s hard not to feel connected to what you’re hearing. It makes me sad that a lot of people are joking about her history and previous drug issues or relationship problems, she was SO much more than that and such a RARE talent. I’ll always love her music, and somewhere in me there’s still a little girl swinging in her backyard belting out her songs and pretending to be a diva.




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