Becoming Besties With Etsy

Etsy has way too many cool features to be involved in. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with owning my shop there. Crocheting is really addictive for me because I was in dire need of a great stress reliever, which it SO is (and making extra money is a must in this yuck economy!). Along with making things you get to have your own shop that you can semi-decorate how you please and you get to be a part of a community. It’s a really welcoming and fun environment once you throw yourself into it! I’ve recently discovered “teams” which is like this whole other Etsy universe where you can chat and get to know other Etsians and help each other promote and get to know each other. It’s really wonderful! If you’re already on Etsy or shop there you should check out  Handmade Circle – They’re fantastically talented and SUPER welcoming and sweet.


Another fun little thing I’ve recently discovered is “treasuries” – They’re like these little shopping guides where you can pick and choose your favorite items and create a gallery of them. I tried my hand with playing around with making one after a sweetheart Etsian who owns this shop   added one of MY items to it. After my initial overly excited YAYYYY reaction, I looked at what they were and really wanted to try making one. So, here’s the one I made today – It’s filled with awesome things that my wildly talented Handmade Circle team members made: My First Treasury yay!


Super fun! So that’s basically what I’ve done today, along with working on a couple of custom orders. I’m going to buckle down and make some things for my shop over the weekend…..maybe. It’s been so beautiful here that I’ve been super lazy and spending most of my time outside and NOT working. Tsk tsk! I’m kind of giving myself some slack though because I wasn’t going to post my green/st pattys stuff until the end of the month and I already have some gloves up. Ahhhh I’m missing American Idol! 





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