Ramblings of the absent minded

It’s been a good bit since I’ve last blogged so I figured I’d stop slacking and play catchup. My new years resolution was to keep a blog and use it daily…and so far I’m not keeping up with that. A+ for effort though!

ANYWAY, this week has been fantastic. I’m very pleased that my Etsy shop has been doing better than I expected and that I’ve met some lovely shops and people in my little shop owning journey. I had a slight windfall come in from a relative passing and I was able to get myself some pretty things and pay off some credit card bills (I’m a bad bad bad girl when it comes to those), so that takes a lot of pressure and stress off. Even though it helps and I’m happy about being able to do those things, it feels pretty horrible to be happy about something that is only happening because someone passed away.

Less depressing note: I ordered my Mom’s birthday gift early and got her a lovely necklace from a fantastic Etsy shop that lets you use your own photos to create a pendant or keychain. I opted for the antique copper necklace and had my Grandma’s photo put on it, I know she’ll love this. Since we all love sunflowers because of my grandma, I also ordered her a sunflower card from another lovely Etsy shop. I’ll give you links to both below so that you can check out the shops, they really do have fantastic prices and items and the sellers themselves are INCREDIBLE. It always makes me feel better spending money when I really like the person that the money is going to, and that is the case with both of these shop owners.

Lovely shop I bought the card

Beautiful shop I got the necklace from

This weekend was mostly lovely, I got to spend a lot of time with my family and relaxing and I’m doing well on my plans as far as my projects go. My only real complaint is that I’ve yet again managed to get some kind of funk. I think it’s just a cold, but never the less I’m miserable and being a huge baby about it. I’m usually fairly modest, but if there’s one thing that I can truly say about myself it’s that I’m very strong. I can take on challenges physically, mentally, emotionally, you name it! I’m like Xena with that shiz, I’ll do a war cry and go full out bananas to get through things….unless I get sick. When I’m sick I turn into a weepy miserable sack of unpleasantness and basically go from being Tigger to being Eeyore. Woe. Is. Me. I’m going to take lots of meds and pray to the cooties gods that I wake up not gross tomorrow. In the meantime, thanks for noticing me. 😉


XO (from a safe distance, I don’t want to get you sicky),



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