Oh happy day!

Checking the mail and getting something you’ve ordered is just about the most exciting of my life’s little pleasures. I’m all about the little things and that’s a huge little thing! Oxymoron. You know what I mean though. I ordered an awesome postcard print from a super cool Etsy artist and it arrived today. I did a happy dance, complete with jumping and clapping and squealing. She’s fabulous, check her out!

My Precious


I should be getting my other goodies this week. Yaaaaaay! Friday I’m going to go to Michael’s which is basically like taking a kid to Disney World, it’s probably in my top ten of favorite places in the world. I’m going to stock up on goodies and go buy new shoes. So basically Friday is going to be the best day EVER. Shoes and crafty bits?? Helloooooo Heaven! Okay, time to be lazy and enjoy some t.v. , I earned it! I’ve made 3 pairs of gloves so far this week. Who’s the woman?? Oh yeah, think it’s me. Insert flexing and the superman pose here. You can’t even afford tickets to this awesome gun show, baby!






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