Movie reviews, Steve Carrel cat, and new listings! Hooooray!

I’ve seen some super fabulous movies recently and I thought I’d share my hits and misses.

The Grey: Def worth watching! Superior acting as always from Liam Neeson and it’s a really interesting story. I think it has something for every one…except kids because I think seeing some of the scenes may scar them for life.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: BEAUTIFUL movie. If you don’t like to cry, skip it. I think I cried at like 5 different parts of the movie…but to be fair I’m a big softy.

Rum Diary: I’m a huge fan of Johnny Depp, but this isn’t his best. It’s a great movie, but don’t go into it expecting to be astounded. There’s some great acting and the story itself is fantastic, but if you’ve read the book… it’s lacking. Still worth watching because as always there’s some quirky hilarious sarcastic parts that only Johnny can deliver.

I melt with you: HORRIBLE. It’s like Trainspotting meets Hangover meets Donnie Darko. They try to be deep and “artsy” but it comes off as trying too hard and just poor direction and writing. The acting is great because the actors themselves are excellent…but the characters are hard to identify with and aren’t given enough back story to feel any attachment to the story or what happens to them. Not worth seeing, in my opinion.

While we’re talking about movies, Jingles favorite movie is clearly Anchorman – She really identies with Steve Carell’s character and she really loves lamp too.


“It’s true… I love lamp.”

And I’ve managed to list a few more things in My Etsy Shop , so please check it out. If you don’t have an Etsy account it’s very easy to make one and supporting handmade crafters is a great thing to get behind!


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