Suck it, Wonder Woman – You’re not so cool.

I finally figured out how to import things from posterous here and how to import from HERE to CreatingtheHive…. I’m pretty a rock star. I wish that life was more like the movies. Don’t you wish when you did something difficult that happy and triumphant music started to play? I feel like I really earned some stellar super hero music right now. Anyway, among my other super hero moments I FINALLY finished my sister’s spaghetti and meatballs scarf, which made me want to eat meatballs all week and made me want to watch the Lady and the Tramp…possibly at the same time. I hope she loves it. It looks absolutely nothing like the pattern from my lovely Twinkie Chan book, which I assume is because she’s some kind of magical crochet fairy or warlock. (Damn you Twinkie Chan with your cuteness and crochet crafty ways!) It’s still pretty good, though so I’m proud. I wanted to wear it around and frolic with it on in all my glory, but I was too tired. Now I’m working on an “Orange Tree” scarf because I wanted an orange and didn’t have one…. Don’t ask. My mind is like a steel trap, dangerous and should be illegal. Hope everyone else is having a super hero weekend too!


X’s and O’s.



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