Finding Besties on Etsy

You’d probably never know it by how silly and outgoing I am, but I’ve always been pretty shy and insecure about meeting people. I’ve grown a lot in the most recent years (I’m only 26!), and finally grown into my skin and personality. I like myself more now, which is probably a big reason why I’m more comfortable opening up and “making friends”. Making friends and meeting great people has really been an unexpected perk on Etsy. I was lucky enough when I first joined to find some great teams (You can see links to both of them in the right corner of my “blogroll”) and in those teams I’ve met some wonderful and TALENTED ladies. These women are inspiring on all fronts, not just as shop owners and artists. They’re wives, mothers, grandmothers, artists, creators, jewelers, you name it! They’re supportive and kind to one another (me included!) and it’s such a nice feeling to be a part of something that’s really pure of heart. Not to mention you’re usually the first person that sees their new items so that means you get first dibs! And trust me, the way these girls create and sell…first dibs is a great perk! Since I’m not terribly interesting and I hate talking about myself or my cat (Sorry Jingles, I love you) constantly, I’m going to start blogging about them and their wonderful works. Today I’m going to focus on 3.

Lisa Marzian (When I grow up and grow skill, I want to be just like her) : Remember that cool March Madness thing I’ve been mentioning? She pitch hitted for the creator of the idea and I swear is MVP of group promotion, she’s been working her butt off, not to mention she’s such a sneaky little darling and was my first March sale tonight! She’s a funky fresh crocheter with a great and contagious attitude, skill that goes on for miles, and stellar artistic eye! She’s my first “friend” I’ve met on Etsy and she keeps me from stabbing myself with a crochet hook in a fit of crazy artistic drama. (Modern day Van Gogh style)

Here are my 2 favorite pieces in her shop, you’ll see why!


Fun and Funky Blue Cotton and Fur Bag


Beautiful 4 pc set

Next we have Marsha! She was the mastermind behind the super fun March Madness promotion that Handmade Circle team has been doing in this last month, and she’s an amazing mom, grandma, wife, and seamstress! Look at her fabulous bags and aprons! Aren’t they to die for?? Such a steal of a price too! Here are my favorite 2!


Adorable Lime Green Apron with Ruffles


Pink and Lime Green Floral Bag

And last but certainly not least is Lucinda! She’s another Lulu! 🙂 She’s an amazing artistic and SO funny! She has us all in stitches constantly and is such a sweetheart to boot! You just can’t beat Lulu number 2. Or am I number 2 since she’s so great? 😉 Here’s my favorite 2, but it’s so hard to choose!


Beaded purple tulip bracelet


The beautiful Saffir Butterfly 3D Mobile

Aren’t they super?? I wish I could bottle their talent and mist myself with it in the morning! I think I’d have much more productive days, for sure. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about some more fabulous members we have over at Handmade circle team… but if you don’t want to wait you could always just join and meet everyone! They’re all very welcoming and such sweethearts, you’ll feel right at home! You can find them on facebook here:  and join the team on Etsy here:

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

X’s and O’s,



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