Oh Captain, my captain and our fearless leaders at HMC

I’ve been going on and on and on about the Handmade Circle team on Etsy, and for good reason. These ladies are inspiring and supportive in a way that I’m just not used to. In my experience, most girls (women) are kind of catty, and don’t want you to succeed (Unless by you succeeding, it helps them succeed), but these ladies are not like that at ALL. They sincerely want YOU to do well and are excited for you when you are, or supportive when you aren’t! So here is a little bit about the ladies behind the curtain of the team and the ones that brought the whole facebook group and etsy team to life. I asked the ladies a few “getting to know you” kind of questions, and things I think other shop owners could learn from and they were kind enough to take the time and answer them. Here’s a little bit about each of them!

First up, we have Mrs Debbie, she owns GrowingPhasesFarm on Etsy and has everything ranging from home decor, to DYI for the kiddos, to seeds for you to plant in your own garden. Here’s what Debbie had to say:

How did I discover Etsy?

My son was looking for a ring for his girlfriend and I watched as he showed me ring after ring from shops on Etsy. He kept at it for hours looking through all the shops & I was hooked on his determination and realized the traffic Etsy receives. Shortly after, I decided I needed an Etsy shop for my creations.

Why did I create HMC Team?

I started my Etsy shop and then realized I had many questions and although I was not a huge Facebook user, I started a Facebook group – Handmade Circle. I knew this group would be useful in aiding me and others with all the unknowns encountered with owning an online shop… I could connect with other shop owners for support and encouragement. The Facebook group was a success and the Handmade Circle Team on Etsy evolved as a means to organize Team activities and involve other Etsy members directly using the Team format.

Two things you wouldn’t know about me at first glance –
1) My age … everyone always thinks I am much younger than my current 50 years old – I even got carded about a month ago! I think it’s because I am short.
2) That I have thousands of bees (coming soon)

Products in my shop are inspired by nature and will evolve as my Garden Grows … Bees Produce and Inspiration takes hold.

Favorite items are everything in my shop … I dwell over the impact each item has on the public and hope it is inspiring or useful in some manner for everyone. I am big on the useful aspect.

The one most important tip for a New shop owner is to get involved. Do not be shy. Take a genuine interest in others. Promote others before yourself & be real about it. Enjoy what you do and it will show!


Next up we have Dora, who owns Chumaka, Dora is bright and vibrant and all heart and you can tell by the love she puts into her work.  She creates earthy and fun jewelry that would satisfy even the most eclectic of tastes. And if you REALLY want to be amazed, check out her fantastic OOAK art pieces! Check out what she had to say about her shop and some tips for the newbies!

How did you first come to Etsy?
I was first a shopper a friend recommended the site since I adore handmade items.

How did you become a leader in the Handmade Circle?
I was asked by Debbie and was honored

What are 2 things that people wouldn’t know about you at first glance?
That I have lots of tattoos and that I am very family oriented.

What kind of items do you sell in your shop? What’s your favorite item to make and why?
I sell handmade one of a kind jewelry, unisex tech style jewelry, fine art and vintage items. My favorite item (s) to make are my fine art and my ooak bracelets.

What one tip would you pass on to a “newbie” on Etsy?
Don’t give up who you are to make sales. People who shop on etsy like the “real” you and not a trendy follower 😉


And last but certainly not least is lovely Erin, who owns ThePrettyDoGood , which is full of such beautiful and original OOAK (One of a kind) jewelry pieces and some of the most glittered and glam dinos you’ll ever see in your life! Her shop is full of great variety that makes browsing so much fun, she has things for everyone! Here’s her response to my questions:

How did you first come to Etsy?
I didn’t start my shop that long ago, actually (October 11, 2011). I had been making jewelry for stores and new about etsy, but hadn’t taken that leap yet with The Pretty Do-Good. I’m so glad I did!

How did you become a leader in the Handmade Circle?
I joined the group when it was just a wee little thing 🙂 Debbie and I had the same idea about starting a team the same day! It was kinda funny. I mentioned it and she was like “What? Are you reading my mind? I just emailed you!”. The email was her saying she started an etsy team and was asking me to be a leader. I ♥ Debbie and Dora. I couldn’t imagine better leaders then them! :0)

What are 2 things that people wouldn’t know about you at first glance?
Hmm, I’m not sure about first glance, but there’s a few things that people don’t know whether to believe or not when I tell them!
1. I got kicked out of an Indiana zoo because I got too much in my creative “zone” and hopped a zebra fence in order to take a great photo! Definitely worth it.
2. I look “sweet and innocent” but have about 15 tattoos and grew up in an awesome recording studio. I’ve sang/recorded with some great people! 🙂

What kind of items do you sell in your shop? What’s your favorite item to make and why?
I make a lot of eclectic styled jewelry. Minimalist, Rocker, Hippie, you name it.
My favorite thing to make is the glitter bracelets and dinos! Why? Because I like to get my hands all sparkly!

Whats one tip would you pass on to a “newbie” on Etsy?
Don’t jump in full force only to back off after a little while. Jump in full force and keep on going! Don’t worry about how well you are or aren’t doing and don’t compare yourself to other shops. Only use “successful” shops as inspiration to do better for yourself. Make sure pictures are bright and nice to look at and make sure you know learn how to give great customer service. Keep in mind starting an etsy store is turning a hobby into a business so make sure to treat it as such. Keep good records and keep on striving to do better…..but also don’t forget to have fun!!

Much Love,
The Pretty Do-Good


There are so many other wonderful members of Handmade Circle Team and they’re all so wildly talented, kind, funny, and sweet! I’ll introduce you to a few more on my blog, but I really hope you decide to come and meet them yourself! These ladies are people that everyone should want in their Etsy circle, and life 🙂

Handmade Circle On Facebook

Handmade Circle Team on Etsy



5 thoughts on “Oh Captain, my captain and our fearless leaders at HMC

  1. What a fantastic feature … I am excited and honored! Thank you so much ~ you are truly a wonderful member of the Handmade Circle .. we are lucky!


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