Every super hero has a secret weakness.

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a BAMF (If you don’t know what BAMF is please pop up urban dictionary and check it out, however if you don’t know, it could be for the best to just leave it alone.) Basically, I’m a strong girl. I’m all about being tough and I can take on anyone or anything and RAWR girl power kind of stuff. However, if you know me really really well….you’ll know I have some weakness to this nonstop “I am woman hear me roar” kind of mentality.

My kryptonite list:

1. Baby ducks, seals, kittens….penguins, owls, giraffes (Stumbling around with their long legs and necks like “Omg why am I so tall?”. Basically anything fuzzy, cute, makes a cute little “peep” or “boop” sound, something with big eyes or that falls over, yeah… all those things. KILL ME. We’re talking full out baby talk and “Awh you’re so wittle bittle and cutesy wootsy”. I know, it’s disgusting. Once I regain my sanity I full out want to go back in a time machine and erase that from anyone’s memory that saw it.

2. Cher and Celine Dion. I honestly can’t explain this one but if you throw on “Turn back time” or “Do you believe” I can’t promise you that you’ll like what happens next. I just can’t hear those songs without grabbing anything that resembles a mic and soul singing like I’m possessed by a demon diva harpy! Maybe we all have a tiny diva inside us, well…mine likes Cher.

3. The baby smell. The baby laugh is also pretty good. Babies always smell so good and they have little fingers and toes and cute chubby little limbs and faces. Gah! See? See that? Imagine that x10000 and that’s me hopped up on baby love.

4. My doggy. He’s my baby. I refuse to explain this one because he’s ridiculously cute and has the baby seal eyes and loves me.

5. THE WORST OF THEM ALL. Being sick. I hate it! Hate hate hate hate hate hate haaaaaate. I hate knowing that I’m leaving a trail of cooties that could potentially make me sick and suffer the same hell AGAIN, so while I’m sick I’m always super OCD with cleaning. Now, 90% of the time I’m super chipper and peppy and giggly, yeah not when I’m sick. I look like an extra from Night of the Living Dead. Groaning and moaning as I clean the kitchen and entire house. Imagine a zombie with a high ponytail scrubbing down the kitchen in mismatched pjs and listening to Cher. Yep. That’s me. Horrible isn’t it? This is why I just sleep through it when I can. If my mom can’t come over and full on baby me with back rubs and “poor babies” and other comforting delights, I sleep. I wake up, stumble out of bed to the kitchen, grab something to eat and drink and take medicine and go right back to bed. The pets know the routine. They know if they need food or to go out that there’s a 5-15 minute window every 4-5 hours and they better take it! So yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing the past 2 days. Zombie cold party at my house, party of 3. Because I’m a super hero I don’t stay sick long, thankfully. So I’m hoping that my tried and true shower,eat,drink,meds, sleep and rinse and repeat method of health care will fix me up by tomorrow afternoon. It’s my mom’s bday and whether this cold likes it or not, it’s time to par-tay!

I would give you X’s and O’s but I’ve got cooties. How about air high-five?



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