Mailbox Magic

Sometimes I just LOVE checking the mail! Today was for sure one of those days, after feeling just miserable today (I’m still super sick! Gross, right?) I realized what time it was and put on some shoes and shuffled out to the mailbox expecting bills, bills, and junk mail. Instead…I got goodies! Oh oh oh, how I love getting goodies! Today I got my prizes from a new buddy of mine on Twitter, her name is Lauren but she’s @EllieSooTweets on twitter. She was having a little contest on her and her friends blog (You can read her blog HERE) for some freebie goodies as a prize! All you had to do was follow her, which I was already doing because she’s awesome, follow her blog….again, she’s awesome so of course why not!, and just make a little comment on her friends blog. Too easy, right? I received SO many wonderfully adorable, darling, super unique cards and stickers from her AMAZING shop – (Here, take a look at her shop – Isn’t it great?) and the sweetie even sent me some buttons and lip balm…which if you know me at all are two of my most favorite things! Here are some horrible pictures that my icky camera took of the lovely goodies I got today! Aren’t they totally rad? Don’t be jealous, they’re super affordable so you should totally go order some. 😉



Not only did I receive my huge bundle of lovelies from Lauren, but I also got my earrings that I ordered earlier this week from the lovely Dora on Etsy! Remember me talking about her a couple of posts back? She has this awesome “Cute as a button” earrings … and we all know I love buttons! So I had to order myself an adorable red pair, they’re even more darling in person! Aren’t these great??


You can find Dora’s goodies and your own Cute as a Button earrings in her shop HERE.

And….*drumroll* I finally got my 3 pairs of glasses I ordered from Zenni Optical! Wooooo! I ended up getting 2 pairs of glasses and a pair of sunglasses during their buy 2 get one free promotion and got all 3 glasses for 52 bucks! You can’t beat that. They’re super cute but I look awful today so no pics of that 😉 If you need some shades I totally recommend them, they’re cheap and have cute stuff. Okay, back to the sofa for me! I’m still running a fever and gross today so I’m milking it and continuing my movie marathon. I was in the middle of Contact (With awesome Jodie Foster and alien stuffs, great movie!) when I heard the mail truck and ran to collect my stash. Hope everyone is having a great week!

X’s and O’s, (I’m not contagious, I promise!)



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