HMC April Showers Promo – Thursday

Hello again my friends! Hope everyone had a great Wednesday, I know mine was really good and productive! I managed to get a lot of house “chores” done and even had time to spruce up my Etsy shop (You can look at it in my blogroll if you’re curious) and I had a great time with the April Promotions for HMC! I hope you guys are still following along with it and having a good time getting to know the sellers and shops! Thursday we have 3 more awesome shops to share with everyone so let’s start E-Window Browsing, shall we??

First up we have one of HMC’s AMAZING jewelry shops, Cutterstone, when I first saw their shop my I was mesmerized! I felt like I had stumbled across some kind of treasure cove and my eyes drooled at the sparkly goodness they were taking in. Some of their pieces are just breath taking and SO unique! These are the kind of pieces that make a statement and not everyone is wearing, which are the kind I love so dear! You can follow them on Twitter, to keep up to date with their amazing shop … and guess what… they have layaway! Awesome, right? Here’s my favorite piece from them… Isn’t it breath taking? Love it!


Boulder Opal Ring 14k Yellow Gold Diamond Accents Mother’s Day Birthstone

Next up we have Kristi, who owns KleanKristi, shout out to another Floridian! Yay! She has the most amazing soaps and lotions and other beauty care delights! All of her things not only sound like they smell DIVINE, but they’re SO beautiful too! Who knew soap could be so pretty?? All of her items would look so beautiful in a guest bathroom…thought I’m not sure you’d even want to let them use them! Here’s my favorite… Doesn’t that make you want to take a bubble bath?? I know I want to!


The Ultimate Ocean Scrub Set

And last but not least we have a shop that was recommended by HMC’s lovely MakinItMama (Another amazing shop! Doesn’t she have the cutest things??) She recommended her friend Kari who owns Mama Made Gifts, like they say “Momma does it best” so true!! She has the most fantastic party planning gift sets and so much more! You can add her and follow along with her shop on Twitter as well, cool right? Here’s my favorite party planning set, wouldn’t this be adorable for a friend’s baby shower? I think so!


Giraffe Baby Shower Party Set – Seller printed and shipped version


And that wraps up our April Promotions for Thursday, aren’t those shops great?? Tomorrow is the last day that I’ll be heading up the promotions…then I’m passing the torch off to another HMC team mate but I’ll continue to follow along! Till Tomorrow, X’s and O’s – Have great days and remember to SMILE!



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