HMC April Showers Promo – Friday

Today is my last day leading the charge in the HMC April Showers Promotion! I have to say it’s been  A LOT of fun! Next week my dear friend Lisa will be taking over, she’s the friendly, funky, beautiful, amazing and talented owner of ArtisticFunk on Etsy and a total cheerleader for everyone over at HMC! I’ll still be following along with her choices and updating my blog to show some love to the shops of course! You can follow along with Lisa on Twitter so that you don’t miss a beat! I love Lisa’s shop – in fact one of her items is something I’ve been drooling over since I’ve known her! I’ll be purchasing myself one of these WAY TOO COOL bags! Wanna sneak peek? I know you do.


Dark Purple Handbag Cotton & Fun Fur, Acrylic Handles And Sturdy 100% Crocheted Lining And Charm

Pretty great right??? I think so! I can’t wait to get my hands on one! Okay, while I could browse Lisa’s goodies all day, let’s get to it! Happy Friday folks!

First up we have the marvelous Erin, the owner and creator of MANY a masterpiece over at Starfall. She is such a sweetheart and SUCH a talent! She has some of the most beautiful and unique pieces I’ve seen yet…you’re not going to find these at your local Target! You can find the fabulous Erin on Twitter as well, just so you don’t miss any new posting on amazing creations! Here’s my favorite piece, and one of her newest… isn’t it gorgeous??


Wire Wrapped Necklace, Beaded Necklace, Chain Mail, Silver Plated, Blue, Green, Necklace and Earring set

Next up we have Sarah from StarJewels, she’s another treasured HMC lovely. She has a necklace in her shop that I’ve been drooling over for a while now! She has the most delightful spring bling that you’ve laid your eyes on! She has so many pieces that I adore but I’ll share my most favorite! Isn’t this drool worthy?? It’s perfect for Spring!


Gemstone flower necklace, asymmetrical beaded flower necklace wire wrapped pineapple quartz, magnesite turquoise, blue chalcedony, copper


The 3rd shop of the day is Rhonda’s super unique and awesome TipsyGLOWs. You can find the ever so sweet and spunky Rhonda on Twitter as well. Guess what her shop is all about? She has the COOLEST home decor items ever…ready  for it? Wine bottle lamps! She has turned something already amazing into something even better! They’re the coolest things, go check them out! Here’s a little sample and my personal favorite!


Butterfly Frosted Lighted Wine Bottle Lamp

And last but not least we have a non HMC member (not yet anyway, hopefully she’ll come on over – we’d love to have her!) who was recommended to us by Dawn of AbundantEarthWorks (Thanks Dawn!) This shop is just adorable, Mackenzie owner of StargazerLovies she has the sweetest little owlies which I’m a HUGE fan of as I love love love me some owl goodness! But I’m going to share with you my favorite item from her shop….This guy makes me smile! Isn’t he awesome? Love it!!!


Angsty Ethan


X’s and O’s and happy browsing and BUYING! Untie those purse strings ladies! Support Handmade 🙂



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