Mailbox Magic and Manic Mondays

I usually can’t say Monday without flinching because they’re historically pretty miserable! Today was no exception, my new nemesis (my sewing machine) and I were battling since the wee morning hours and it finally resulted in some hurtful words said and even a threat of violence! lol I know… Bad Lulu! The day was saved though! I managed to finally get it to cooperate with me after making apologies, offering pretty new thread, and giving it a heartfelt pat. I managed to get the lining of my tote completed and therefore restoring my shaken faith in myself 🙂 Yay! I do love a good underdog story hehe. Thinking that the day was starting to balance out, I scampered off to check the mail …. AND GUESS WHAT?! I got 3 of my orders in today from my amazing HMC Ladies! Oooh oooh ooh was I excited to see all the goodies! I’m smitten with their amazing quality items, fantastic and fair pricing, and stellar customer service! Handmade is the way to go people! Here’s what I got in my Mailbox Magic today 🙂


From the Amazing GypsythatIwas on Etsy, I was lucky enough to be her 200th customer and got a fabulous and beautiful crochet scarf that’s perfect for spring, super soft and lightweight and beautiful colors! I was so surprised to find such an amazing gift and such a beautiful and vibrant quality on the earrings. She does fantastic work and is such a lovely person as well – it makes shopping all the more fun! Go pay her a little visit and see for yourself! The scarf and earrings will make a great Mother’s Day present to my amazing Mom – I can’t wait to give them both to her!


Isn’t this little cell phone case so adorable? I think it’s got such a fun and colorful styling to it and it really packs a color punch for such a little pouch! This is from the super GoGreenWithRed on Etsy, she has such a fun and bright personality and so do all her lovely items! She has a little bit of everything in her shop and it makes for a great way to get all your gift shopping out of the way in one shop! This is going to make a perfect little extra for an upcoming bday for one of my family members and I can’t wait! I just know that it will be a hit. Go take a look at her newest pencil cases, aren’t they to drool worthy?


These lovely buttons are mine, ALL mine! I love buttons, I have quite the collection and I love embellishing my gloves and scarves with them. I think that it can really give a piece a lot of personality and sometimes they inspire my creation to make something from the start! I was so happy to find such a good deal and so many pretties in a set with Cutterstone, I already visit their shop almost daily to drool over all their amazing jewelry pieces – so this was just the frosting on the cake! They’re another of my favorite shops and you should wear a bib when you go look! All the items will have your eyes popping and mouth watering!

Didn’t I get some good lovelies today? Totally turned my frown upside down! 🙂 I’m expecting a few more goodie packages this week and I can’t wait to see them and share them with you all!

Don’t forget to stop by and see how lovely Lisa and the HMC April Shops Promotion is going too! There’s more fun and shopping to be had going on to the extreme on that thread! Such a great and talented group of ladies!

I hope you all made it through Monday okay too, and the rest of the week breezes by for us all!


X’s and O’s,




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