I was honored with a Liebster Award!

Thanks to my sweet friend Coral, another SUPER talented Etsian and blogger – I was honored with receiving a  Liebster Award! No idea what that is?  (You can find her lovely blog here where she so wonderfully explains it) I just adore lovely Coral to pieces, she’s super supportive and kind and SO talented! I recently ordered the most adorable headband from her and I tell you – I never want to take it off! Her things are so stylish and well put together…but as anyone who really knows me can tell you – I’m a cheapy! So the fact that her things are SO affordable and fairly priced had me over the moon! Before I ramble too much ahead, go take a look at her amazing SHOP! And I recommend you do just that, SHOP! She’s a great lady and handmade artists need all the support we can get 🙂 Trust me, I know!


So after you receive the award you’re supposed to pass it on and share the love with 5 other bloggers/blogs! Then THEY mention you in their blog and post the award and pass it on to 5 more! Sharing the love! So here are my lovely choices (Though I have SO many talented blogger friends that it was super hard to choose because I love you all!) Don’t forget to save the picture to post on your blog and to pass it on to five other bloggy pals! In no special order….


1. The darling Ms Lauren from @EllieSooTweets on Twitter! If you’ve been paying attention and following along you’ll know that I won a super duper amazing contest from her on her friend’s blog! Her amazing little shop is filled with the most unique and fun cards/stickers/everything you can imagine! She even has the coolest paper flower bouquets! PERFECT for Mother’s Day gifts for those Mommies with yucky allergies! Here’s her SHOP if you want to take a little peek, which I recommend you do! You won’t be disappointed! And of course it wouldn’t be a BLOG award if lovely Lauren didn’t have a BLOG! You should go follow her and keep up to date with all her happenings, she’s an awesome girlie!

2. My oh so sweet Pal Kirra or @Quiettimequilts on the twitter world! She was one of the April Showers Promo shops that I featured a lil while back! I’ve personally ordered one of her ADORABLE owlies and let me tell you – they are even more fabulous in person! You’ll LOVE them! You can check out her sweet little Hoots HERE! And of course you should keep up to date with her awesome BLOG!

3. My darling Jackie! She’s such a super sweetie! Make sure you give her some twitter love @JackieLove0320 and don’t miss out on her super fabulous BLOG! She’s always keeping up to date with the coolest happenings!

4. Priscilla – Another amazing shop from the fabulous April Showers Promotion we’ve been holding all month! She’s a HMC lovely and a GREAT creator! Take a peek at her SHOP and you’ll see what I’m saying! And don’t forget to follow along at her great BLOG either!

5. And last but certainly not least – one of the FIRST twitter followers and blog follows that I’ve been oh so happy to meet! Another Floridian! 🙂 She’s super sweet and oh so adorable! Gina @LaBellaDiva on Twitter! You can follow along with all her awesomeness on her webpage! Check her out! AWESOMENESS!


I hope you enjoy the little tour of some of my favorite blogs and bloggers – Aren’t they an awesome bunch? I do love my lovelies that I’ve met while doing the whole “internet” thing! Such sweeties! In other news… I’m FINALLY branching out in my shop (hopefully by the end of next week!) and I’ll have sunglasses cases, clutch bags, make up bags, and totes! Yay for new adventures! Here’s a little sneak peek at what I’ve been working my little tushy off on!



I’m keeping the one on the right, because I’m a Greedy Greederson, and the one on the left is going to my lovely Aunt for her belated birthday! The rest of my little projects I PROMISE will actually make it to the shop this time! Where you can find them…. HERE, along with my other little creations! Hope everyone had a super fabulous weekend and Monday is painless and easy breezy for us all!

X’s and O’s,



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