HMC Bootcamp – OOH-RAH!

I’m starting a new business boot camp program with HMC (The Handmade Circle Team on Etsy), and today is the first day! You can follow along with my progress on this blog, and learn about my fellow Boot Campers here! I’m excited, and looking forward to the next 30 days! I trust our fantastic team leader Debbie with Growing Phases Farms, and I hope that it will give me an extra boost in my confidence to put myself and my business out there. It already feels good to ATTACK the day instead of rolling out of bed and waddling around the house without purpose. Wish me luck!



p.s. Don’t forget to check out my new “About me” section!


4 thoughts on “HMC Bootcamp – OOH-RAH!

  1. Very nice Lulu….your blog looks great and I can definitely see your personality shining through. Thank YOU for your support and very kind words!

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