Inspiration, motivation, creation. Rinse and Repeat.

Day 2 of the HMC Boot Camp is underway and as I started my day today I realized an important new feeling… clarity! Part of our daily tasks are to find time for ourselves to build up our confidence and believe in what we’re doing and where we’re going through affirmations. I’ve always been a firm believer that anything you truly want to do, you CAN do. You just have to put all your heart, joy, love, and WILL into making it happen. Visualize and conquer! I think I have one of those personalities that I always attack what I want, go for the throat so to speak. I see what I want and I throw myself into it, which isn’t a bad thing… to be honest it’s gotten me through a lot of hard times and it’s made me a tough cookie. There’s something that you miss when you just constantly throw yourself around though, being present! I get up every morning and I have coffee and I list off all my “chores” or things I need to get done that day and I “get through” it. Sometimes that means that I don’t actually enjoy what I’m doing though, and that’s not good! So today my goal is to be PRESENT. Instead of chugging my coffee and prying my eyes open and shaking my brain awake, I sat and enjoyed the warm caress of the mug on my hands, sipped my delicious coffee and sat on the sofa enjoying some time with Peanut (who I refer to as Monster or Munchkin), he’s my little Chihuahua. Instead of breezing through my daily routine today I’m going to enjoy all the tasks that I have to do (but still do them in a timely fashion, of course!). I want to finish my tote today, it’s been a work in progress for a couple of days and all that it needs is the finishing touch. I love watching things come together, and that’s my favorite part of creating. I really enjoy taking pieces that side by side look like nothing much, but when put together become a pretty tote. I always sit back and take in the item and think to myself “I MADE that”, without my hands that would still be a pile of fabric. It feels great to be able to put things into the world that I’ve made and I hope that along with my items going into the world, that a piece of my spirit, love, joy go right along with it.

I think for most people the creative process is Inspiration, motivation, and creation. Rinse and repeat. We see something we like in the world, or want, or think someone else would enjoy and that spark ignites into “Aha!” inspiration. For me, my inspiration is usually people around me or my own personal tastes. I’ll see something that I want but can’t afford, or something that I want but can’t find and I’ll think “Huh, I could make that if I learn how!”. When I first started crocheting and opened my shop, I initially learned because I wanted to be able to make my loved ones nice gifts. Money is tight for me, like it is for most people in this economy, so spending outrageous amounts of money on gifts just wasn’t in the cards. I’ve always loved crafts and creating so I decided to learn how to crochet, which was easy enough thanks to youtube, books, a supportive family, and lots of patience! I decided to take up sewing for the same reason, and because I wanted another way to put my creations into the world when the warm weather came and crocheted winter wear wasn’t going to flying off the virtual shop shelves. Money is never an inspiration…though I think for everyone it CAN be a motivation. haha! My inspiration comes from every where. It comes from my family and friends, it comes from watching tv and seeing something I like, it comes from reading and imagining a character and thinking “They would like this!”. It comes from the colors you find in nature, colors and fabrics that make me feel happy or peaceful… it comes from anything that I find “positive” in my life because that’s what I want to put back into the world…something POSITIVE! I want people to look at my things and feel happy, to wear them or carry them and feel special and pretty. If you put positive energy out there, I’ve always believe that you get it back twice over.

My motivation is to succeed. Nothing more, nothing less. I simply want to create something that I can be proud of and feel like is a good representation of my spirit and self and put it into the world, hopefully to be received by love and appreciation. I want to be good at something, like everyone else in the world. We all want something that sets us apart and makes us special, we all want to be able to be proud of what we do in our days and who we are as people. My motivation is to be the best version of myself, and to make products that reflect my personality and creative spirit. I want my family and loved ones to not only enjoy the things that I make for them, but to feel the love I have for them through what I’ve made and that extends to all of my customers. When you truly love what you’re doing and are at peace with who you are, the only motivation you really need is to keep doing just that. It’s taken me a long and bumpy road to be comfortable in my own skin and to be able to say “Hey, I’m not bad at this” about ANYTHING, but I’m there and it feels great. I want to be able to always be proud of myself, and have the ones I care about be proud of me too.

Then comes creation, the final piece. If inspiration is the spark, then motivation is the wood and creation is the warm fire you get when you combine them. It feels great to take an idea or “Ah-ha!” moment or picture from your head and make it tangible and come to life! It’s the best part of the entire process but can also be the most frustrating. Sometimes the pictures of what we want don’t come together through the creative process as we would have hoped, and it’s SO frustrating! When you see what you want but you just can’t make it happen it makes you crazy! There are times where I’ll be working on something all day and realize I made an oopsie and have to redo hours of work, or I will literally sit and stare at something and try to figure out how 1+1=2. The pay off of these frustrations and being able to hold up your finished product with pride and love is worth it though, and those “GRRR!” moments where you want to punch the sewing machine, rip up the fabric, or cuss out your yarn are fleeting and forgotten! I’ve had to apologize to my sewing machine several times, and luckily it’s a forgiving sort. Speaking of sewing, I really should get back to work on my tote or it will always be a work in progress! I hope everyone is having a great Thursday, and remember to try and be PRESENT today! I promise you, it makes a difference in how your day goes.

X’s and O’s,



6 thoughts on “Inspiration, motivation, creation. Rinse and Repeat.

  1. You and I are of similar ilk, although I refer to myself as suffering from ‘Rhino Fever’ which is to say I seem to fall into a certain theory known as Rhinoceros Principal! However, through many years of determination and mind over matter I can truthfully say I have grown to live deliberately and out loud with some success!

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting ladies! Sometimes it’s so easy to get swept up in our day to day that it’s hard to remember to actually LIVE your life the way you want it instead of just charging through. lol I’m guilty of living like a bull in a china shop most of the time and I’m glad I’m not the only one with the problem!

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