Creation Station – chugga chugga WOO WOO!

Anytime I explain what I’m doing or a recipe, I always have the Julia Child’s voice in my head…  so I need you to read this with her voice. Got it? Alright… first things first. What should we make today? I have a custom order to complete this week for a Spring Froggy Sunglasses Case, a Money and ID wrist clutch, and an froggy reusable market bag. I’ve already been a busy little bee and I buzzed through making the sunglasses case earlier, so I’ll let you supervise while I make the little wrist bag.

1. Decide what to make.

 Well, we’ve already decided we’re making a wrist clutch, so check!

2. Decide what fabric to use.

We’ll be using a pretty lavender fabric with happy little flowers and frogs. Cute, right?

3. Decide if you’re using a pattern, or want to make up a design on your own. 

Pattern Schmattern! We’re going to design our own because we want to rebel…and also because patterns are my natural nemesis. For reals, look up patterns and you’ll find a picture of me doing the double thumbs down.

4. Cut out your fabric (padding, lining, anything you’ll be using for the “guts”).
For this wrist purse I’m going to put a cream muslin fabric as a liner, and I’m going to give it a zipper closure.


5. Pin everything in place.

Don’t be careless like me and stab your poor fingers – use a thimble… and if yours rolls under the desk scurry under there to get it! (Learn from my mistakes, people!)

6. You’re SEW close to being finished.

Stitch ‘er up! Keep in mind that unless you want to get slick and turn your work and do a decorative top stitch along the top, you’re going to have your “seam” on the inside of your clutch. My customer said the seam was okay doakey artichokey so we get to skip the part where I stare at the fabric for several minutes and try to figure out which way the fabric goes so when it’s turned back right side out it’s the right goods in both places. Picture a chimp trying to use the computer…got the image? That’s me trying to figure out that step! Hey, be nice, I’m new to this!

7. Ta-Da!


Then trim your tread and smooth things out. I like to iron my things when they’re all pretty, just so it looks brand spanking new. Though way more awesome because I can tell you, you won’t find these suckers at Target baby!!!

8. Pet your cat. She’s probably pissed you’ve ignored her.


See? Told you! Now we’ve done it! Off to make nice. Hope everyone is having a super Saturday!

X’s and O’s,


Want me to whip you up one of these cuties? Comment here! You can also click the “request custom item” from my shop, or you can Email me at DivineMsLulu @


11 thoughts on “Creation Station – chugga chugga WOO WOO!

    • Thanks Michelle! I’m usually not a fan of froggies because we have so many down here in Florida and they creep me out, but this little hopper won me over! I think it’s because he has pretty flowers. Peace offering maybe? 🙂

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