Twitterific Tuesday!

Today was our first HMC Boot Camp twitter chat! We plan on doing a few more in the next month, so make sure you follow along so you don’t miss out on all the fun! Not signed up for twitter yet? You should! It’s super easy and it’s a great way to connect with shops and artists, you love – not to mention meet interesting people around the world who share the same likes as you!

If you don’t know or haven’t heard about a twitter chat, it’s when a group of people have a real time conversation about a topic through twitter. Since all tweets that aren’t private go through the twitter home page, it’s a great way to advertise or get the word out about a group, product, sale, etc. The more people you have talking about a #Hashtag the better. What’s a hashtag? A hashtag is a reference search point for a topic, phrase, anything. If you wanted to see who was talking about cookies you would search #cookies and anyone that had tagged cookies would pop up. Cool, right? So our hashtag today and all through out this program is #HMCBoot, so if you want to see what we talked about today or see what we’re all up to each day you can search for that or I’ll make it easy, CLICK HERE! I’ll keep you posted on twitter and here on the blog when we do another – Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday!

Until tomorrow…

X’s and O’s,


p.s. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter!


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