What’s with all Interest in Pinterest?

At first I was a little “eh” about the idea of yet ANOTHER social media site… It’s hard enough keeping all the pokes, likes, tagging, retweeting, following, hashtagging down with Twitter and Facebook…so really…another one?? BUT.. and this is a big but(t) (like, Sir Mix-A-lot would be all “I “like” that!” if he saw this but(t)) IT’S REALLY GREAT! Why is it so great? Because it’s unique. Instead of just words bombarding you with tags and all that mumbo jumbo, it shares a picture as well. I *still* have and love my corkboard where I pin up little reminders of things I need to do, or pictures and my calender. This is basically a virtual pin board! You pin up things you like, things you read, things you eat, you can pin anything and everything. You can find recipes, how to’s, DYI’s, projects, patterns, blogs to read, books to read, you name it – it’s on there! Imagine being able to go into any house and see all their tv history, book shelf, inside their closets, see how they decorate their house, where they want to go on vacation.. now you can – with pinterest! It’s really a neat networking site, and I’ve really come to enjoy “pinning” on there! Today I decided to create a board especially for the weekend, where I plan on updating it with my weekend plans. It gives me things to look forward to during the week, and it’s like taking my blog on the road, sort of! So here’s my weekend through my pins!

I'll be out in the garden enjoying the nice sunny weather we're having and making sure my yummy tomatoes are coming in nicely! Last year I had SO many tomatoes I was able to share with everyone, I'm hoping this year is just as fruitful!

I'm really looking forward to finding the free time this weekend to finish this. It's not *as* funny as the ones Chelsea Handler wrote, but it sure makes me want to be her friend! Hilarious accounts by her friends and family about her silly shenanigans! Love it so far!

We're already 1/3 of the way done with our Handmade Circle Team Business Boot Camp! It's been so much fun, I don't know what I'll do with all my free time at the end of the 30 days!

There are more pins added, but these are 3 I’m really looking forward to! If you’d like to look at the rest for this board and my other boards, you can add me and follow along to my boards HERE! Hope everyone has a great weekend, and happy pinning!

X’s and O’s,



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