Which Niche?

Part of HMC Boot camp for today was figuring out how to market to your “niche”. After a lot of thinking, affirmations, coffee, whining to myself, poking the dog to get his input, putting out an SOS in my facebook group… I decided that I actually DO have niches! A niche is any “group” of people that would like or seek out your item. The idea is to market/brand to those types so that your product actually sells. With my crochet items, I think that women who live in cold places would have been my star niche, but most of my sales actually came from moderate climate, 20-50 year olds who just like the fashionable aspect of my items. So I guess earthy bohemian, preppy minimalists would be who is usually attracted to my items. With my totes and other items that I’m just now starting to make, I think I pick up more of the eco friendly but still fashionable ladies. So… where’s my niche? I think mine is just more general and broader than some shops. Since I have several different types of items offered it caters to different styles, ages, and personalities differently. At first I was a little bummed by this, I don’t really have anyone specifically to market to. Then I started thinking, that’s great! I get to chance to make what I love, and make what I would want to buy. Since most of my clients share the same tastes and likes as me! Good pricing, bright or earthy colors, quality items that are eco friendly, just like me! I have already met the most wonderful people who have become my friends and best customers through the Handmade Circle Team and Promoting Creative Friends team, and honestly I spend SO much time with each of those teams and creating that I just wasn’t sure that I had more time to devote to another team – so I decided to go local! I’ve applied to be a part of a local Florida team and I hope they accept me. I think  it will be nice to have the chance to not only get to know local artists but to pick up tips and ways they sell their items locally at fairs and all that good stuff. I’m excited! See what happens when you stop letting things intimidate you? Sometimes the only thing that’s in your way is yourself, so I need to remember to move over! Hope everyone is having a super Thursday! I’ve decided to have a SPRING CLEANING SUPER SALE starting today and ending Sunday, so stop by if you’d like some pretty discounted lovelies for you or Mom for mothers day!


X’s and O’s,



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