Day in the Life of Mr. Peanut

No no, not THAT Mr. Peanut.. This one…



Cute isn’t he? He’s my little munchkin. He’s a happy little chihuahua who weighs about 7 pounds, but thinks he weighs about 200. He’s 9 years young, and still a puppy at heart.


I’ve had him since I lived in my first (very shady) apartment when I was16 years old. He has been my bestie since the day we met. I had wanted a chihuahua for a long time – way long before being Paris Hilton was cool and having a dog was an accessory. I’ve always loved their little baby seal like eyes and since I had a small apartment, I knew I needed a pint size friend. ESPECIALLY since the apartment didn’t allow dogs, and he would have be a “secret”. I looked for a few weeks at shelters and rescues, and couldn’t find a puppy that wouldn’t grow up to be as big as cujo so I expanded my search to the newspaper and saw a few listings. Only one stood out to me “CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES.” I thought “Huh… They’re cute and little… maybe.” I called and found out that the farm was around 4 hours away from me. Ouch. After talking to the lady though, I was happy that she wasn’t one of those breeders who puts them in crates and keeps over breeding dogs and they were well loved and taken care of. I decided it was worth the drive and made the trip. I got lost probably 3-4 times before I finally made it to a dirt road and a house way out in the boonies. I was pretty sure that the cast of Deliverance was going to jump out and start playing dueling banjos as I pulled up, but thankfully it really was just a sweet farm run by an elderly couple. I went inside and was shown a big wicker basket with little pups in it. They were only 6 weeks old, so I’d have to wait a few weeks before taking one home. I picked them all up and did the “puppy test”, where you roll them over and see how they respond. If they flail and freak out they’re supposedly going to be more trouble to train. I wanted someone sweet, and calm. I loved them all instantly, because I love all animals but I didn’t get that feeling of “This is my new friend”, or an instant connection. The lady said she also had some kittens because her barn cat had a litter and I could take a look and that the puppy runt was in with the kittens because the mother wouldn’t let him nurse with the other puppies. So mixed in with a blur of oranges and white kitty heads, I see this little brown peanut head all snuggled up resting his head on one of the cat’s. I was instantly in love. I scooped him up and he literally fit in one hand outstretched. I lifted him to my face and he opened his eyes, nuzzled my cheek and licked my nose. That was that. I knew he would be mine and I gave the sweet woman her deposit and left feeling happy that I would soon have my little “Peanut” but sad that I had to wait 2 weeks. I was allowed to go pick him up on Jan. 1st of 2004, and he’s been my baby ever since.


Where I go, he goes. He sleeps with me, picks up his pieces of food one by one to carry him next to the dinner table to eat with me, he trots around the house as I go from room to room cleaning. He’s my shadow. When I’m sad, he’s sad. If I’m happy and dancing, he dances too! He’s had some health problems and I’ve paid thousands of dollars to fix him up, time after time – that’s just what you do when you love someone. Yes, someone. He’s not just a dog, he’s my friend and I love him.


He’s getting older and his health problems are on going. He has to use puppy stairs every where because his back is bad. I give him medicine every day and he’s just as happy and loving life as much as he was the first day I brought him home. He still howls when I cry, waits for me ever so patiently by the door until I come home, and licks my nose every time I pick him up. He still chases lizards and then runs away when he actually corners one, and he still has to smell EVERY single blade of grass in the yard.


I know at some point my little Peanut Butter will pass away and the thought of that brings tears to my eyes. A chihuahuas life span is usually 8-11 years, but he’s more than just a chihuahua so I’m hoping he lives to be a 100. I’ve had a lot of dogs in my life, and I will always have a dog because I love to love them, they always love you back 10x more. I’ll never have another Peanut though. He’s gotten me through a lot, and anyone that has had a dog that really loves you… knows. It’s unconditional, and it’s irreplaceable. I spent all day taking pictures and spending time with my little Nutty Buddy, and giving him lots of belly rubs and treats and we’ll have many more of those days ahead of us. He still cracks me up, he always sniffs the air and closes his eyes when there’s a breeze and he seems to look so noble when he stares off thoughtfully into the sunlight.


If you have a little furry munchkin, go give them a hug and a snuggle! I hope everyone else had a nice and relaxing Sunday like Peanut and I.

X’s and O’s – and a few tail wags,

Lulu and Peanut


6 thoughts on “Day in the Life of Mr. Peanut

  1. So sweet-love a little dog! I have a Jack Russell Terrier. Gizmo is 7 yrs. old & has developed cataracts-I guess that is common to his bred. He has a hard time seeing at night & barks a lot at shadows.

    • Poor Gizmo – What a cute name. I love Jack Russell Terriers, they’re so spunky! With Peanut’s glaucoma he seems to be a bit more crabby, which I think is a result of just not being able to really see all that well. Poor little guys! Thanks for following and reading 🙂

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