Social Media Cartwheels

I’ve decided to join the rest of the world and scoot over to Tumblr, previously I was under the impression it was a hipster wasteland with sad memes and basically where hope and positivity go to die. It’s actually pretty cool. You can post links, pictures, audio, video – EVERY THING and have it shoot right out to your facebook and twitter feeds too. Pretty darn cool. It’s by far the easiest to set up and customize of all the social media sites I’ve joined, and again… I love I can post there and it goes every where. Saves me a lot of time and time is money, or in my case time is time I could be spending reading… FINALLY it’s the end of the month and do you know what that means? Tomorrow I get to check out a new book from the Kindle Lending Library! Woo! The first of the month is officially my favorite day… though I’ll probably finish whatever book I get in a day or so and just have to sulk and wait another 28 days for a new one, it’s pretty cool to get a “freebie”. I know I could go to the actual library and get a ton of books for free, which I DO love to do. There’s something so much better about going to a library and picking out a book and selling that ‘old book” smell, and finding a book that has history and has been loved and read by countless people. Sometimes it’s just easier to download a book. I know that’s totally a sell out to my nature. I usually love vintage and original and refuse to let go of the beauty of the written word. I still get a newspaper, and I refuse to read my news online. Pish posh! The kindle won me over though, it’s easy and I can put every thing I enjoy on it. Music, books, movies, it’s like a fun little entertainment world I can access with the touch of a finger. I know, I’m a sucker. Anyway, back on point! Come over to tumblr and ADD ME, it’s not that bad – I promise! It’s actually fun. Hope Monday is going painlessly for you all.

X’s and O’s,



8 thoughts on “Social Media Cartwheels

    • Me too! I carry my Kindle around with me all the time. I love reading, and I have a kindle fire so I can do all the apps and all that jazz on it too. Love love love! What are you reading this month? I’m going to get the 2nd book of the Hunger Games. I read the first last month, and I’m liking the series so far!

    • You should see my library at home, I have so many books that are worn and look well loved…because they are! I have books that I read once a year (She’s come Undone – by Wally Lamb, to name one), and I just love books. Ever since I was little, I’ve been smitten. When I first got the kindle I felt like I was going to the dark side, but I’m trying to see it as another way to carry around and enjoy my literature without breaking my back or bank.

    • Thanks Marsha! I’m trying! It’s so hard to keep up with all of you guys, you all make it look so easy breezy. I’m just a huffing and a puffing trying to keep up 😉

  1. OYE, your like waaay ahead of me… I’ve begun my Tumblr page… I think I need to slooow it down… rushing into it like a bull as usual… take your time take your time… AFFIRMATIVE!! lol

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