Twitterific Tuesday part 2 – today at 1 p.m EST

Stop by and say hi as our very lovely Michelle and Red lead us in part 2 of the HMCBoot Twitter chat… How do you join? Simple! Hop over to Twitter and search for #HMCBoot tweets (make sure you click ALL or you will only see the top ones) OR I’ll make it easy on you and you can just CLICK HERE. Say hi and join in! Just use hashtag #HMCBoot so we catch your tweet. What’s a hashtag? It’s a tag using the # key, that means that whenever you “hashtag” something, if someone were to click that or search for that tag, every single tweet that was sent using the tag would show up. So if you #DWTS you’ll see TONS of Dancing With the Stars tags from all the fans, cool huh? Twitter is pretty neat! We’ll be having a 30 minute chat today about keeping your business records and finances organized, come ask questions or just lurk and see what we have to say! I hope to see you there. And Happy Tuesday!




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