Walk it off, Champ.

I’ll never forget when I was little and played softball on a team, my dad was SO excited that finally one of his girls wanted to play a sport he could get behind. (He always wanted boys), so he helped coach me and we practiced endlessly. My dad is a hardass. Think of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, and the characters they usually have. The ones that say what they think without really worrying about the consequences afterwards. He’s not unkind, in fact he’s a pretty cool guy… He just isn’t as lovey dovey as my mom is, and how I’ve always been. I always tried different ways to spend time with him because he didn’t really make a crazy effort, so the fact that I was doing something that made him seek me out to interact was SO cool. One day we were practicing before a game and I was the starting pitcher for the team (something he was so proud of and still talks about how good I was at it). He was helping me warm up and I was probably 11-12 at the time, he always threw the ball so hard that it made the huge CRACK sound on the glove and felt like your arm was going to fall off, but it made him so proud that I always caught it and ran for it that I did it without hesitation. He had been on me about not paying attention and “watching” the ball…. so I should have probably kept a better eye out (oh, the irony) when all the sudden SHOOTING PAIN goes through my whole body and I honestly think for a moment that my head has fallen off. The ball connected with my face and I fell to the ground holding my eye and screaming, my mom rushed over and punched him in the arm and then tended to me. He felt bad…but he also threw in the whole “Come on champ, walk it off, you have a game soon.” My mom was just glaring at him like he had thrown gas on me and threw a match… I was proud. He expected me to be able to shake it off and get back out there, like one of the boys! I know that most 11-12 year old girls wouldn’t be happy to be one of the boys…but I sure was! I loved making him proud and showing him and everyone else just how tough I was (still am!). I didn’t cry. I got up, shook it off, and went back to practice. Biting my lip so I didn’t burst into tears every time I felt my pulse beating inside my face. I pitched an almost perfect game that night, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen my dad any prouder of me. The purpose of this story… is to talk about my day today! It’s my firm belief that we are who we are based on what happens to us and what we take from it.

My back is throbbing today, I have no idea what I did to it or why all the sudden every time I’m upright shooting pains dart down my back and through my hips. I’m pretty sure that while I slept little angry gnomes beat me up with little cobbler tools (it’s the only explanation that I can come up with!)… So instead of laying around all day and moping around like I really wanted to do, I got all my work done first and then went to “walk it off”. My back still hurts, but I got some cool pictures and a nice walk with the munchkin out of it. Now I’ve tried it his way… I feel like I’m allowed to go lay on the sofa with a heating pad and read my new book I’m borrowing from the kindle lending library – YAY FINALLY! So, here’s some pretties I rediscovered in my own back yard today (Hey, I said I went for a walk, I didn’t say WHERE. I didn’t want any one to see my new hunchback pimp walk!)


My favorite tree. It’s got these huge swooping branches that always have gorgeous spanish moss hanging from it.. I always look up at it and rarely notice how beautiful the trunk is. Cool, huh??


Then we have my tomato garden… they’re coming in! They’re little and green… but it’s a start. A few more weeks and I’ll have yummy ripe red tomatoes to mix in with my salads and add to cheeseburgers. It’s almost grilling season!


We’re finally at the half way point of the week, and I can’t wait till Friday!

Have a good evening everyone 🙂


Are you feeling stressed physically or mentally today? Walk it off, champ! It might not fix the problem, but it can remind you that there is beauty in the world and give you a new perspective. 🙂

X’s and O’s,



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