Inspiration, Creation, Appreciation.

That was the theme of my day today! I had such a great Saturday and crafting day. Last night I went to my lovely Mom’s house for a girls evening with her and my older sister. We had a lot of laughs and got to spend hours doing what we do best – talking and being silly and enjoying each other. We don’t get to do this as often as I’d like, but when we do it feels great. It’s so nice having them both be so close to where I can go visit them often instead of waiting for once a year visits. On the way to Mom’s I stopped by my craft heaven… AKA Joann’s Fabric. I picked up the cutest little wooden birdhouses and some glitter acrylic paint to have a fun little project to make my Mom. I also got some pretty yarn for my lovely friend’s custom order. I spent most of the day making dishcloths and painting my little birdie houses… Crocheting is a lot of fun. It’s something that I find so relaxing and … EASY. Trust me, if I can do it… So can YOU!

All you need to make 2 pretty dishcloths or facecloths (however you want to use them) is a little skein of Sugar and Cream yarn, a size H hook, some scissors and 6 hours. Not bad huh?


The only stitches you need to know for this is how to make a chain, the single crochet stitch, how to “backstitch” and the slip stitch. These are all very basic and easy to learn stitches. I recommend using youtube… it really helps to SEE what to do as well as be given an example and hear the lesson. So, once you have mastered those easy peasy stitches… You get comfy! Unravel a little bit of your yarn and chain 30. (If you want your dishcloth to be longer or smaller you can adjust the chain as necessary… but remember you will be using more yarn this way and might need more than one of the little skeins.) This is what your chain will look like….


See where your crochet hook is through the last loop in the chain? Go to the loop right before your hook and make a single crochet stitch. You do this alllllll the way down the line until you get to the end, then you YO (That’s yarn over, again… youtube videos are GREAT for beginners!) turn your work, and start doing a single crochet only in the back loop. That means instead of going through both pieces of your stitch, you only go through the back one. This creates a “ribbed” effect and adds a nice texture for washing dishes or your face. You do this all the way down the line, YO and turn. I usually do 12 “ribs” for each cloth. So that means you count the raised ribbed lines you create on the side where your first “rib” started. Once you have the necessary size you want your cloth, you slip stitch to finish. You don’t HAVE to do this step, but it ends the project and gives it a finished look and makes it match the beginning chain stitch nicely. Then you snip the end leaving a little tail and weave in the tail through the last stitches with your hook. Trim the tail and then stretch the yarn out a little giving it the form you want it to keep. Ta- da! Easy right?? It may take you a little longer depending on your skill level, but it’s a pretty quick and easy project that’s perfect for learning – AND they make lovely gifts perfect for Mothers Day!


Tomorrow I’ll work on the other 3 dishcloths and finish up my little bird houses. I’ll share pictures when they’re done, of course! Hope everyone is having a happy and productive weekend like mine has been. And as a special THANK YOU, yes YOU, and YOU and youuuuu! Feel free to use coupon code THANKU15 for 15% off anything in my shop! This will be good until next weekend just as a special thank you for reading, following, looking, and being a part of my shop’s little journey! To use the code, simply go to my SHOP, pick out something you like… click “Add to cart” and then you’ll see the option to include the coupon code THANKU15, and ta-da, easy peasy! Until tomorrow…

X’s and O’s,



5 thoughts on “Inspiration, Creation, Appreciation.

    • I promise you, it really is easy! It just seems intimidating at first while you’re learning… after that it’s a breeze. It’s all repetitive motion – I crochet while I watch movies and t.v. now – my hands know what to do!

  1. Woop I is lovin’ the wash cloth… woohoo!! and I agree with Marsha, you make it sound sooo easy… I’ll have to tell you the story one day about my ambition to crochet… Once Upon a Time… flop!! LOL…

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