I Make My Own Sunshine

It’s a beautiful and sunny day out here in Florida and I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather and nice breeze all day with my little munchkin. I love waking up and taking on the new week with the sun shining and new projects to start. Today is the final day of HMC Bootcamp and it’s really been a blast taking part in the first run through with Debbie from GrowingPhasesFarm. She’s such an inspiration as a person and a shop owner and she has such a contagious adventurous and positive spirit! It was so much fun growing and learning right along with the most amazing teammates ever – I want to personally thank Red from GoGreenWithRed, Michelle from MondaysChildPrims, Marsha from BagsByHags45, and Erin from ThePrettyDoGood – They made this experience even more fun and inspiring with their amazing support, genius insight, and sweet and contagious drive to make all of our businesses focused around us and our dreams! It’s been so great getting to know all these gals and learning about how they craft, why they craft, and how they got started and who they are as people. I consider them to be great friends now, not just team mates. Being a part of something that takes up so much time and energy… you would think it would be exhausting, right? Wrong! Being a part of this has been energizing… uplifting, and motivational! I’m more determined now than ever to make my business be a success and to ENJOY the journey that it’s on! Being able to wake up every day and do what I love is an awesome feeling, and the fact that I can make money creating and continuing my dreams is the icing on a delish cake!

As today ends and I collect my thoughts and reflect on all we’ve accomplished, I know that the best is yet to come… So I end this first little adventure with a smile and a happy and grateful heart! The future is so bright, I’ll have to wear shades. In the next year I want to continue to learn how to utilize the amazing tools that the internet has to offer in starting and maintaining a successful online business, and I also want to buckle down and focus on getting more involved locally and taking part of the great craft fairs and booths we have here in Florida. It’s a big world out there and I want to make my mark on it!

Part of what always keeps me going and smiling is keeping my attitude positive and always seeing the glass as half full, I do this with affirmations, taking time for myself, creating what I love, and with MUSIC! I’ve always loved creating and listening to music of all kinds, and I always have music playing when I’m in the zone and creating. There’s something about singing along and dancing that makes work even more enjoyable and helps me start my day with the right frame of mind. I almost always have what I call my “anthem” and end up playing my new favorite song a couple of times a day… the past week I’ve been absolute in love with “Sunshine” By Alyssa Bonagura. It’s such a happy and catchy song with such a positive message!

“It don’t matter if it’s raining – nothing can phase me… I make my own sunshine!”



4 thoughts on “I Make My Own Sunshine

  1. What a beautiful blog post Sunshine Lulu!! You have left your mark on all those involved in Boot Camp and I am positive you will make your mark on the world! I am very grateful and thankful your dynamic self was part of our Boot Camp!! Thank you!

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