My Beautiful Mom


Yesterday was Mothers day, and I really wanted to introduce all my friends and followers to my beautiful Mom, Irene – but it was so busy busy busy that I didn’t get the chance… so I figured what a better way to start off a Monday then pretending like it’s still Sunday 😉

When I was a little girl I was very much a Momma’s girl (I still am!), so much so that I was constantly stuck to her hip.


This is me and my mom when I was just a little one. Don’t you love her 80’s hair?

Wherever she went, that’s where I needed to be. She always made it a point to make every thing special, so even when I had a sick day from school – it was a blast! Every single birthday she would come into my room early in the morning with a donut, or cake, or something small with a candle in it and she would wake me up and sing happy birthday to me. Just me and her. Whenever I was sick and stayed home, she’d stay in too and we’d eat macaroni with salt and butter and watch a movie, all snuggled up on the sofa. She never complained or objected when the movie was a movie she had watched with me a million times before. She played endless hours of dolls, kissed a million booboos, taught me how to ride a bike and then cried with me when I fell off it. She handed out a million hugs, listened to hours and hours of gossip about boys and fights with my girlfriends.


This is Mom trying to smile and not laugh at me, because that’s all we usually do. Laugh at each other!

Even when she lived in NY and I was still in Florida, I knew she was a phone call and a plane ride away. She taught me to have fun with every thing you do, smile every day… even days it’s hard to find your smile, and to always see the good in people. She’s never had it easy, but she’s always shaken off the muck and risen above every thing and kept her smile in the process. I think pretty much every good part of me comes from her and my two big sisters, and she feels the same way about her sisters, and her Mom, my grandma, who has left us but still watches over us all.


Doesn’t she have the prettiest smile?


That’s my Grandma – who we all love and miss very much.

We have a huge family, and it’s mostly us girls. I am blessed with strong and beautiful sisters, supportive and “like a mom” aunts, cousins who are some of my best friends, and a long line of strong, beautiful, and inspiring women.


This is my mom and my Aunt Jeanne, they’re modeling their hats and scarves I made for them. Aren’t they beautiful? I love that the tv has a guy checking them out in the background – total accident but made for a hilarious pic!


This is mom and Jeanne again – they are practically twins because they have the same taste and whenever they get together they discover they have matching outfits… without even planning it!

I’m lucky, I have one of those moms that hugs me and kisses me every time she sees me (usually more than a couple of times), calls me to check in even though I’m grown up and on my own, and is proud of me no matter what I do. She is always up for having fun and being silly, and even dressed up on my last birthday in an 80’s theme and did the big hair and every thing. She still dresses up for Halloween, and teaches us all to enjoy the little things and HAVE FUN!


This is Mom a few Halloweens ago as a sexy pirate! Isn’t she adorable?

Even when I went through my teenage years and we didn’t always agree on every thing, she always saw my side and supported my choices…even the bad ones. She even resisted the urge to say “I told you so”. She gave me my big heart, you can’t cry in front of her without her crying and that’s a part of her that I’m glad got passed down to me. I’m overly sensitive sometimes, and those that are my friends know that I cry at the drop of a pin (or a Publix commercial), but I’m also the first person to offer to hold your hand and cry with you so you don’t have to do it alone. I think being a Mom includes so many other “jobs”. Mostly, they’re our teachers. They teach and guide us how to have manners, how to be kind, how not to be selfish, how to love ourselves and every one around us. How to smile…


I hope that when I have kids, I have a daughter. I know she’ll feel as lucky as I did with my Grams, and I just hope that she feels as lucky as I do with my Mom. She’s the first person I always share news with, good or bad, and “Mom’s house” is still my safe haven. Love you Mom!!! I hope everyone enjoyed the day with their Moms and little ones!


X’s and O’s,




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