Call me butter, Baby!

‘Cause I’m on a roll! I had really been slacking on listing new things the past couple of weeks so this weeks goal was simple. Make and list one thing a day… that’s not so bad right? I’m happy to say that I followed through with it, gold star! Today was a roller coaster kind of week. We all have them! I’ve been having issues with my house and health of my family and a whole big mess of craziness that seemed to just fall from the sky and give me that “Chicken Little” syndrome. I tend to let things have a snowball effect on me… one thing will happen and it will just keep rolling downhill until I feel like I’m laying at the bottom of the hill with a big boulder on me and my arms and legs sticking out flailing around. Well, that was the old me! New me, slaps a saddle on that beyotch and rides it down! Everything always works out… it might not always work out the way that I want it to, but that can be changed by me in time. I need to always remind myself that these things pass, nothing is permanent but tattoos and death! So, I’m smiling through the rain and remembering that a rainbow is coming, and you know what? My week was great despite ALL that rain! So here’s what I was up to this week….


Monday I did a Custom Order…


What the Cluck?


Tuesday I did a cute little froggy glasses case….


He already SOLD! Woohoo, that’s right baby – hop on out of here!

Wednesday I screamed for ice cream….



Thursday was a real hoot!


I love the little nerdy owl with glasses, that’s totally an Owl me.

And WOOHOO it’s Friday!!


Grey Cowl Scarf and Fingerless Glove Set

I’m so happy it’s the weekend and I can enjoy all the sunshine. It LITERALLY rained all week here too, so the fact that I reached the end of the week and I feel great and the sun is shining makes every thing perfect. I hope everyone enjoys the weekend!





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