Keeping up with spring

It’s a warm day here in Central Florida today and I’m enjoying feeling the sunshine through the plantation style shutter shades I have in the office. The flowers are blooming, bees are buzzing, and lizards are running around chasing each other (my guess is it’s their breeding season, bow chicka wow wow) and I’m loving it. I prefer a colder climate, but I can’t help but love seeing all the new life springing up and enjoy getting all the delicious tomatoes off my plants in the garden. If only I could have the beauty of spring and summer with the temperature from winter!

In trying to keep up with the hustle bustle of all the plant life and bees around me, I’ve been busy as a bee! Here’s what I’ve been up to so far this week…

A purrfect way to keep your glasses safe…


A sweet little kitty padded glasses case!

A summery sunflower glasses case….


You can find it in my shop here.

And newly listed today…..



A sweet plus size full apron, featuring angels holding hands and flowers. Check it out here.

After snoozing and hibernating through winter it sure feels like a change of pace to be rushing around trying to keep up with spring! I hope everyone else is enjoying the sunshine.

X’s and O’s,



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