Cat attacks Godzilla, and then gets bored.

Today I’m going to tell you a story through pictures. Mind you, some of them are a little blurry because I have the world’s worst blackberry. (Sorry blackberry, feel free to send me a new one that works properly for me to retract that statement!) Anyway, back on point… this is what it’s like to be a cat. Well, to be MY cat.



This is Jingles peacefully sleeping…


This is Jingles no longer peaceful, or sleeping – because I’ve just taken a photo of her and make my phone makes a loud angry duck sound whilst taking photos. You’re welcome, Jingles.


Oddly enough, Jingles didn’t seem all that happy that I took the time to wake her up for pictures. How ungrateful!!


This is Jingles looking for a way out, I suspect. Or perhaps a new friend? Maybe these rainy spring days have her lonely.


Poor Jingles, she’s not happy that I’ve gathered up all of my work stuff to go on a craft day. I think she’s sad because cats don’t have thumbs, and not having thumbs and being covered in fur can really damper all of your crafting options. Can you imagine how hard it would be to get hot glue off your own ass? Probably not fun!


While at Joanns waiting ever so patiently for their customer service to improve, I discovered…what’s this? A new friend for Jingles!!


Jingles says “Hello”. Like she greets every one or every thing, with her face. She sees if this new person or thing can pet her. She decides Godzilla is not the best cat scratcher.


Her next form of “getting to know you” is always to see if the person/thing is edible. Godzilla is not edible. This displeases Jingles, aside from being loved on, eating is her 2nd most favorite thing. (The 3rd is sleeping, 4th is Andy Warhol)


If the person/item doesn’t meet either of those requirements to keep her attention, she ignores it. I often do this with people/things I don’t like as well, if you ignore them long enough they usually go away.


Sometimes they DON’T go away, and they try to take pictures of you looking like you’re being eaten or attacked by Godzilla.



This is what happens when I’m creatively constipated and it’s rainy outside! The madness starts!



Make a great day!



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