Enjoying the Sweet and Sour

One of my favorite quotes is “The sweet is never as sweet without the sour”. (That’s from Vanilla Sky, one of my absolute favorite movies.. so if you haven’t seen it – rush out and download,buy,rent, WATCH this movie! It will change how you see the world.) Anyway, back on point… I love that quote. Life is far far from perfect, and most of us have more than our fair share of ups and downs. I think sometimes that we’re programmed to remember and focus on the negative more than the good, maybe it’s part of our inner instincts to survive. Don’t touch hot things, remember that time you burnt your ear on a curling iron? I bet you were that much more careful afterwards! Don’t give your trust away too freely…. some people will take advantage of it. All of these “negative” experiences are actually positive, if you choose to see them as such. Life and lessons are all about perspective. Sometimes things just don’t go the way we plan or would like for them to, I like to think of these little hiccups as detours. It’s the universe’s way of saying “Hey, you’re going the wrong way!” and usually, more often than not, the cliche of “When one door closes, another one opens” rings true in the end.

We live in a time where we want instant gratification and results. And why wouldn’t we want that? Technology has made life easier than ever for us. Why wait an hour for a dinner that you can microwave in a few minutes? Why wait a few days for a letter to arrive when you can email? Why go to the library when you can download a book? Sometimes things just aren’t that simple though, a lot of the time all of our hard work and efforts take time to grow into results. The same can be said in relationships and in business. Especially a small business. Patience is a rare creature, and as you get older sometimes you get lucky and hold on to it (usually in short bursts before losing it and needing to find it again), if you can be patient and maintain the I THINK I CAN spirit, absolutely anything is possible.

Part of what I consider to be an I THINK I CAN notion is making and more importantly, KEEPING goals and achievements running in your personal life and your business life. It keeps life moving forward and interesting and prevents you from getting into mundane slumps where you can’t even tell the days apart because your life just blends and blurs together. One of my goals since I opened my little shop on Etsy – Divine Lulu Creations – has been to hit 50 items. This may seem like a small feat, but let me tell you… it’s been hard! Between trying to advertise, trying to keep things updated, trying to increase my online presence and the million other little things that go along with having an online shop, not to mention LIFE, it’s hard to find the time to create. Which is the entire reason you open a shop to begin with! Balance, balance, balance. I can’t stress that enough! Sometimes it feels like there’s just not enough hours in the day, but it passes… things smooth out. The tide goes back and you’re not treading water any more. It’s all about keeping calm and keep moving forward.

Nature is a GREAT teacher sometimes. Here in Florida we practically have needed our little arm floaties for the last couple of weeks. We’ve had a big tropical storm sitting off our west coast and pushing rain at us in what felt like unending amounts. 20+ inches of rain in 2 days, and it just kept coming! Tornado warnings, wind gusts 40 mph+, it was looking rough and nasty out there! I told my mom in a text that I was going to start building an ark, so she should RSVP to my ark party if she wanted a spot! It really did get that bad! I was starting to get grumpy about it. Everyone has heard the expression “When it rains, it pours” and boy did I have that feeling! I had my dinosaur of a computer basically have an electronic stroke and die on me, I had my phone turned off thinking I’d easily just join the family plan that most of my family is on – only to find out there’s only room for 5 lines and I’d be number 6, OOPS! And I was having a ridiculously hard time finding a new company where the rates were reasonable, during this time I was stressing about money, my family’s health, just EVERYTHING it felt like. Then I woke up and my knee was just out. No reason, nothing happened, just tightened up and wouldn’t budge. I had it! Seriously?? All this and then my knee!!! This was one of those moments where you are just dumbfounded by the audacity life has to be such an ass sometimes. Now, mind you, I’m a glass is half full girl 90% of the time. I smile and laugh through every thing, and I’m one tough cookie. I’m still human though (as much as I’d super love to be the bionic woman, how cool would that be?), and that means that I have bad days, bad moods, bad hair days. I’d reached my limit, and then the storm came…

I just laughed, and decided to embrace it. At this point, why the hell not? So the pets and I were cuddled on the sofa watching soaps and I was crocheting away working on my 50 items goal, while my poor knee was iced. By the time the storm passed (two days later) I had crocheted 7 items to list.Today the sun is shining brightly, my new computer works like a dream, my new phone and service is perfect and will save me 60 dollars a month (enough to splurge and get cable, which I haven’t allowed myself to have in YEARS, to save money), AND I’m at 41 items, with 5 items finished and ready for pictures and to list. I’ll meet my goal by the end of the month, things are better than they were before and life gave me another important AH-HA! lesson. Appreciate the good things around you, and remember the bad things will pass. So simple, yet so hard to remember when you’re in that moment. I’m happy that I’m growing; in my mind, my heart, and my business – I hope everyone else keeps pushing towards more great things. You’ll never reach new heights unless you keep climbing!


A very water logged Lulu


3 thoughts on “Enjoying the Sweet and Sour

  1. LuLu Divine!!! I love it! Sometimes I can’t explain to my family (hubby sees me so he knows) just how much work goes into an on-line shop and when you have a free moment you want to use it, like you said, for the reason you opened the shop in the first place! to create! no, not to manage everything you don’t have time to do because you have 9-5 job and I don’t! so, that part especially was an affirmation for…I DO work hard! and so do you dolly! I am off to see your shop and I will look for all your new stuff, and, and, and, well, you get it dolly!!! I am so glad too, because you are one of my favorite types of people, you tell it like it is, feel your feelings, share them, and you always find, JUST the right perspective on it….and really, THAT’s when you share it! I do that too…once it’s all over I talk about it…because before that, I’m dealing with it baby, you bet! LOVED it, thanks for sharing Lulu!!! ♥

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