Being proud of YOU

It’s so easy for us to give compliments and love and support to those around us, and sometimes it’s so hard to be our own advocate. We look in the mirror or at our accomplishments and think “It could be better” or “It’s not good enough.” I always say everyone is beautiful in their own way, and that everyone should be proud of where they are and who they are, and you can’t compare yourself to other people. You know what though? I’m SO guilty of not following my own advice. This year is all about being the best me I can be and being proud of myself for it. I’m really guilty of waiting to be happy. I’ll be happy when I make X amount of money…. I’ll be happy when I can fit in those jeans… I’ll be happy when I have this, or that. Why delay your joy or pride in yourself? I’m finally taking my own advice and I’m proud of me. Right now, TODAY! I’m proud that I’m making changes and keep moving forward, and I’m proud that in moving forward I have come so far. YES, I want to be more, be better, I want to continue to move forward, of course I do! You can be happy with who you are now and still have the drive to be better. That’s a lesson that was SO hard for me to learn. Part of being proud of yourself is really feeling good about yourself, and sometimes we buy things that become “special” for us and they just make us feel pretty. I’m sure every woman can relate, we all have that pair of jeans, shirt, hairstyle that we wear and we just feel pretty, feel more confident, and feel sassy!

On Etsy I’ve been so lucky in meeting great people with great products, and they’ve become my friends and some of my special items. I’ve always always loved hats. I think they’re so beautiful and have so much character. Top hats, the patchwork hats that old timey movies depict nomadic train hobos wearing, fedoras, caps, you name it! I love them! My head, however, is NOT a hat wearing head. I have a big head (to match my super big brain hehe) and they just never look right on me. I either look really butch or just down right silly. I met Sophia in one of my Etsy teams and instantly fell in love with her SHOP….which if you go look you’ll see why. It has “Lulu” written all over it. Most of her hats are vintage inspired and look like they’re from the 20’s and 30’s, which fashionably is one of my favorite times. They’re sophisticated and lady like and each and every single one is unique and different – I love that! After drooling for months and sulking that I CAN’T (there’s that word again!) wear hats, I decided… you know what? Maybe I can. Why should I tell myself that some things are off limits to me when I LOVE them and want them? So I decided that I was going to order myself one of her hats…


This is the one I chose. Beautiful isn’t it? I’ve worn it twice already and only had it a few days. I’m smitten… and I have to admit – I was way wrong! I can wear hats and they do look good on me, I just have to be selective with what hats work for my massively weird head. So lovely Sophia has a forever customer now and I have beautiful hat options that I know will make me FEEL beautiful. Who doesn’t want that?! Thank you Sophia – I’m sure that everyone that owns one of your darling hats can relate to my happy dance feeling and we appreciate you making such a beautiful product that reminds us all that we are all one of a kind, unique, and beautiful in our own rights!

I’m so proud of myself today, I’ve reached over 100+ likes on facebook, had 25 sales, made well over my goal of making $50 dollars a month, and today I’ll finally reach 50+ items in my shop! I couldn’t be happier that I’ve reached ALL of my goals set for myself in the time frame I wanted and that just makes me want to create more and more! So… here’s my goals for the end of the year.

  • 200 likes on Facebook
  • 50 sales
  • Improve my picture taking skills by practice, practice, practice
  • Set up and go to a craft fair
  • Make it to 100 items

I’m going to keep throwing myself into goals and keep moving forward, I might not always make all of my goals and that’s okay. If you reach for the moon, even if you miss you land amongst the stars!




One thought on “Being proud of YOU

  1. LuLu you actually made me tear up. Thank you very much for your kind words. I am happy that I can give you so much joy.

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