Baby, You’re a firework!

Happy Independence Day everyone! I hope you all have a blast today and enjoy all the fireworks and cook outs, and you take the time to remember what today is all about! What are you some of your favorite 4th of July songs or memories? I love “Fireworks” by Katy Perry, though it’s not really a 4th of July song – that’s what it reminds me of. Plus dancing around screaming BOOM BOOM BOOM gives me the happies! One of my favorite 4th of July memories is from High School, it was my junior year and I went to see the fireworks with some friends and my boyfriend (husband now, high school sweethearts and our 9th anniversary is coming up next week!) and it was one of those moments where you feel like every thing is going in slow motion and you’re looking at all the faces around you laughing and having fun and all the fireworks are going off and you know that this is one of those great moments and every thing feels perfect and you wish it would never change. Though I’m not friends with any of those guys any more, I do still cherish the times we had that we like that. Being young and invincible and feeling like the world is yours to take head on! I’ve grown up a lot since then, what I want has changed, and where I’m going in life has definitely gone a different direction than I thought it would… but I still feel like I’m taking the world on head on and I hope that never changes for me. It brings new challenges, reminds me how tough I am, and keeps my growth in perspective. Sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve really come until we look back to see how much road is behind us, it’s crazy! I hope everyone has a great day – I’m going to spend the day making new things and enjoying quiet time and watching the fireworks on TV this year! Oh how times have changed! haha I’d much rather enjoy them in my pjs than outside with the mosquitos and the crowds! Make yourself a great day today guys and gals!





P.s If you’re being lazy like me and not going out to enjoy the sales, feel free to grab a cup of coffee and browse through the Handmade Circle Teams Christmas in July sales, you can find them HERE. Each featured shop has between 10-30% percent off all month long!


MY SHOP  is also having a sale today only with coupon code FIREWORKS for 20% off!


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