Check out this great contest my friend and favorite hat maker is doing! It’s SO easy to participate and you could win a fabulous one of a kind personalized hat designed JUST FOR YOU! Go check it out!

Sophies Hats & More

I am always getting comments from people that say, I LOVE your hats, but I am not a hat person.” I beg to differ, I think everyone can be a hat person, just depends on what type of hat you choose.

To help illustrate my point, I have decided to create a Hat Challenge.

How the challenge will work.

  • Non-hat wearers will submit an entry and photo of themselves telling me why they do not think they are a hat wearer.
  • I will read over all entries and look at the pictures.
  • I will then select one person and make a hat FREE of charge for them, based on their picture.
  • I will mail the winner the hat and they need to wear it for 1 full day, out in public.
  • Then the winner will need to write me back and let me know how they felt wearing it, and…

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