Happy Anniversary (to me)!

Today is my NINE year anniversary… as I woke up this morning I was reflecting on all the memories we’ve shared, how we met, fell in love, and how time just flies by. I can’t believe we’ve been together so long, and that I got so old! What happened?! To those of you that don’t know, my sweet hubby’s name is Danny. Danny and I met and fell in love 11 years ago and were high school sweethearts. I first SAW (yes, I remember the first time I saw him!) Danny on the first day of my sophmore year, I was really excited because I had signed up for journalism – I was so thrilled. I loved writing and the news always interested me. I had talked my very best friend at the time Karen into taking it with me and we settled in at one of the main tables and waited for the teacher to come. We were gossiping about summer, and everything else when in walked Danny. I still remember holding my breath for that first instant and taking a big GULP. I giggled and looked at Karen and motioned with my eyes to look at him and whispered jokingly in her ear “I’m going to marry that boy one day!” she laughed and said “Is that what they call it now?” and I laughed and shrugged everything off. Danny and I talked more and more and he always made me laugh, we became good friends and everyone always accused us of flirting but we both shook our heads and denied everything. Danny finally asked me out on a “date” (at the time I wasn’t sure if it was one or not!) to see a concert, we both had the same music taste and it was almost my birthday so I agreed and was excited about it.

My step sister was helping me get ready and I honestly felt like at any moment I was going to faint or throw up. I had no idea why I was so nervous, I sat next to the boy every day for 2 months! Finally we were off to the concert and thankfully some of his friends were going with us and had brought dates, once I saw the other girls and figured out the guy-girl ratio I was stoked, I must be the +1, I’m the date! I tried not to giggle the entire ride, but I probably did. We arrived at the HUGE outdoor concert, it was such a cool set up, there were different stages and you walked around to see the different bands performing. It was super crowded and his friends went one way and Danny and I walked another when the crowd got close he reached his hand behind him and just took my hand… Aside from going to the bathroom we never let go of each others hands. During the show at one point he put his arms around me and hugged me and I STILL remember that feeling of “Oh god, let this moment just get stuck. Don’t let it end and we’ll just stand here.” I was in love, that was it, didn’t need to see any more, it was a wrap! At the end of the night between lots of kisses he said “We should do this again” and I asked “Kisses?” and he said “No, go out.” and that was that.

He became my boyfriend… there are a million stories that happened that day (he got hit in the head by a water jug!) that I’ll never forget, and SO many more after it that led to him being my best friend, my fiance, my husband, my rock, my protector, my support…. I’m a lucky girl, not everyone meets who they’re supposed to be with so young and gets so many beautiful years together. Don’t get me wrong, we fight, BOY do we fight!

When you live with someone, you’re going to fight! No matter how much you love them, but at the end of the day I still look at him while he’s being silly or even being obnoxious and teasing me and he’s the one. I’d rather have a miserable day with Danny and tell him he’s a butthead then be with anyone else in the world. He still only calls me pet names, (he may have forgotten my real name to be fair, it has been 9 years) and still tickles me every day. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is! So happy anniversary to me, I’m so glad that we beat the odds and are still ticking even though a lot of people really didn’t think we’d make it. We got married VERY young and the odds were stacked against us, but here we are… all grown up and doing grand. I hope I learn just as much in the next 9 years and we have just as many laughs. If you haven’t found your true love, don’t give up, hold out till you do! And if you have… do me a favor and go give him a hug. You never know how much time you have with someone and you should tell them you love them every single day!



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10 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary (to me)!

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