Butterflies, happy songs, and goodies – oh my!

What a great week it’s been so far! I’m oh so happy and thrilled to know that my super beautiful hat from my darling friend Sophia from SophiesHatsAndMore is on the way, here’s a sneak peek…



Isn’t it gorgeous? She does the most fabulous work and she also can help you choose a style and color that would go great with your face shape and style! Among other things, she also makes the coolest steam punk style key chains for the men in our lives and GORGEOUS hair clips and pins that would make any up-do look dressed up and perfect! Go check her out, you’ll be hooked just like I am! Here’s her fabulous shop!

Speaking of friends, I was doing my usual bit of advertising for my fellow Etsy peeps after making a treasury themed around one of my favorite Coldplay songs (“Yellow”), when I get the little jingle from my phone that someone has tweeted me. A darling music artist (Danny Caudle) sent me a link to his cover of the song and I just couldn’t stop myself from clicking away! Pretty soon I had spent an hour listening to his music and loving every second of it. My personal favorite of those included in his vast collection so far is his version of “I’ll be” by Edwin McCain… Go follow this super talented, polite, and humble budding artist on twitter @decaudle. You can find his great music and subscribe for his updates on Youtube HERE.

Today I’ve been doing the cleaning and laundry thing (boring, I know!) and trying to make the time to create a bit whilst I wait for the loads to be switched. I’m trying, key word being TRYing to be patient… but I really want my goodies from Joanns! Between waiting for my hat and waiting for my box-oh-goodies from Joanns I feel sorry for my mailman. I’m going to be stalking him like a plump gazelle this week. Rawr! I hope everyone else is having a splendid weekend and staying dry, it’s pouring rain down here in Florida, AS USUAL!

I leave you with the one of the many beauties that are in all our backyards to remind us to appreciate the little things. Isn’t she pretty? She fluttered into the backyard and landed next to me for a few minutes before carrying on her merry little way.






2 thoughts on “Butterflies, happy songs, and goodies – oh my!

  1. Anticipating the arrival of a package is part of the fun! Going out the the mail box, ooooh is it here yet? I like the black she put in the hat (read the comment about it looking like pepto-bismol ha ha!), it think it’s going to look swell on you!

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