It’s Alive!!!

By “it” I mean ME, of course! Hi hi hi!

Oh my gosh, I seriously had NO idea it’s been such a long time since I’d sat down and BLOGGED! Shame on me, tsk tsk! I’ve just been so super busy! I’ve had so much going on with the house, and the hubby and family and working on my millions of on going goals that I forgot all about blogging (which was my new years resolution, so boo to me!). I love this time of year, it’s warm but there’s a beautiful breeze… and luckily around this time of year in Florida it’s near the tail end of our hurricane season. So we’ll still have showers and yucky weather at times, but it’s less frequent and we don’t usually have the big brutes of storms stomping through, pushing us in the mud and taking our lunch money. What bullies! Maybe I’m just getting more relaxed as I get older, but when Isaac was rolling by I didn’t even flinch. There’s always so much “Ahhhh chao! Panic! Apocalypse!” going on when they’re reporting the upcoming storms that it makes it hard to believe them at times. If you cry wolf too often, eventually people stop listening! One day a house will fall on me and then I’ll feel like a real dumbass hehe.


Aside from hurricanes and storms and all that jazz, I’ve been spending most of my time CREATING! Yes! Finally! I’ve been struggling against that 50 item mark for months now and I’ve finally broken free, I’m at 63 now, and hoping and choo choo-ing my way to that 100 mark by the end of the year (or my sanity, whichever comes first!). Life has it’s ups and downs as always, and sadly I haven’t figured out a way to have my cake and eat it too, so I have to take my lumps with my joys! For the most part though, I’m happy, blessed, healthy, and on a B12 high. Which you can’t beat! Seriously, if you’re feeling rundown today and as you’re reading my happy happy joy joy post, you’re rolling your eyes… Take your ass to GNC and get some B12, you will be doing back flips and the dougie tomorrow! (You’re welcome in advance).

Aside from creating… I’ve been shopping! Another one of my many joys in life. I’ve met some great people with great shops on Etsy, so my christmas shopping was a breeze this year. That’s right, Christmas shopping! I just have to take a minute to rub this in, so indulge me. I’ve always been a last minute shopper, or a black friday shopper…which means that by the time Christmas rolls around I’m flipping Santa and each of his reindeer off and ready to have some special eggnog (if you know what I mean!) and call it a day. Because of it being so stressful and rushed I feel like I miss out on 2 weeks that I could be bopping around to “All I want for Christmas is you” and pretending to be Mariah, or wishing for a hula hoop like Alvin. So in the efforts to save my sanity and to avoid flipping the Grinch switch, I’ve done my shopping early! *Insert spirit fingers here* I’m super happy and feel absolutely no pressure about the looming birthdays and holidays that are up coming, which is great! Now whatever money I do manage to make during the holiday I can use for more goodies to make more things… or spend on myself. Aren’t I a greedy greederson? I promise that I’ll have show and tell of all the glorious shopping I’ve done AFTER Christmas. My family is sneaky and knows about my blogging, so I don’t want them to stumble into their gifts. I promise to update more often too, so that I don’t ramble and carry on when I do post. Hope you’re all well and haven’t forgotten about me! Sorry I’ve been so neglectful!




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