Age is just a number, right?

I can’t believe it’s already the 2nd week in October! How does time go by so fast?? The end of the year is nipping at my heels and so are my goals deadlines! I still need…

to reach my goals. I have 2 more months so I’m screaming the “I think I can, I think I can” chant in my head. I can do it! I know I can! I’d also really like to hit 100 items in my shop by then as well, and I’m 49 items from that, boo hiss hiss boo! Regardless of if I make any of my goals, I’m really happy and very proud of myself. This has been a great year for me! I’ve overcome a lot of my fears and hesitations, I’ve learned new things and had success, and I have more confidence and pride in myself and my work. What more can you ask for in a year? I’ll be TWENTY-SEVEN in a few weeks and at first I was dreading it, I’m getting a little too close to 30 for comfort and it’s making me anxious. I kept thinking “Where has all the time gone? A 1/4 of my life is over, IF I’m lucky and live to 100” Now I’m happy about it, I’ve made it through 27 years of ups and downs and bad and good days! I’ve earned my years and my wisdom that came from all the experiences packed into them. I shouldn’t be sad that I’m getting older, I should be happy that I’m growing and becoming a better version of myself! So, I’m putting my happy face on and on my birthday I’ll be putting my dancing shoes on, bring it on 27! And, Hey, 30? Yeah, I’m not afraid of you! 🙂


Dream big and you’ll always have room to grow.


Smile, it adds face value!





6 thoughts on “Age is just a number, right?

  1. Lulu, when I was your age I felt that I was getting old when I was approaching 30…now that I’m in my early 40’s I wouldn’t trade the wisdom and contentment that I have now for anything. I also realize that each passing year is a gift from God and I’m grateful. My maternal grand-mother, great-grandmother, and great-aunt all passed away before they reached the age of 30. When I remember that, I am grateful to be getting old:) And remember it is just a number–you’re only as old as you feel!

    • I’m so sorry that your loved ones passed so young, and you’re so right. Every day is a gift, and I plan on enjoying it! Thanks for reading and commenting Michelle, you always have great insight 🙂

  2. Hi Lulu, I like your positive attitude. The question is do we look at things half empty or half full? It sounds like you look at things like where’s the cool aid? Translation: It’s not only half full but better!!! I enjoyed reading thank you for sharing and starting my morning off on a positive note! hugs,
    Kim 🙂

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