Starting the day with a smile

My mother has always told me that “Your day is what you make of it!”, now usually this is said when I’m having the absolute worst day on the planet (in my mind at least). The quote always makes me grumble and sulk, mostly because I know she’s right. Things other people say and do, or feel about us are not things I have control over, BUT (and this is a great big but) what we all have control over is what and how we let things affect us. We CHOOSE to give power to other people when we allow them to dictate how our days go and how we feel. It sounds simple right? Its not! When people don’t give as much as we give to a relationship it hurts. Mean things being said about us hurts. Having someone be rude to you for no reason, getting cut off and almost in an accident, all of these things suck! Having a bad day is okay, in fact its human. If you figure out how to never ever have a bad day and aren’t a hermit living in a Snow White-esq fairy tale cabin in the woods with birds following you in cheery song, please share the secret with the rest of us struggling with bad days!

So what’s my point? Bad days suck? Duh! We all know that! No no, that’s not my point. My point is that they happen, and what we do during them and after is what matters. Rise above! Keep perspective! Smile through it! Why? Because tomorrow is a new day and you’re the one in control of how it goes. So pick a happy place and head there! Happy thoughts really do make you fly. So find something you’re happy about today and share it with someone, say something kind to someone in your life and pay forward your joy!

My happy thought today is that I get to share all my good days (and the bad ones too) with my soul mate and best friend. Today is his birthday and I’m VERY happy he‘s in my life to celebrate it! I also hit 1,000 followers on Twitter, which I never would have thought possible last year when I was dreaming up my shop and starting this journey! So, thank you all for reading my words and sharing with me parts of your lives. I’m grateful and happy to have you all in my life, YOU all are one of my happy thoughts today and every day!



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