Good morning

Good morning friends! This morning I’m up early and enjoying the quiet calm outside as the sun and birds finish waking up. I love these kinds of mornings, where the grass is dewy and there’s a light breeze brushing against your cheeks. It makes me feel like the world is greeting me as I walk outside! I can’t help but be filled with awe and appreciation that I can wake up healthy and happy and with so much joy and happiness in my heart. I had a fun evening with my in laws and brother and sister in law last night, and of course my sweet little nephew Colton. I held him as he slept and made the most adorable sweet little baby dreamy mumbles. Its amazing how much I already love the little guy. He reminds me what’s important and to cherish everything. Last night I got to enjoy a bit of a shopping spree at some of my friends shops on Etsy, so I’m hoping they went to bed or woke up with a smile after seeing my name and knowing I truly love their work and appreciate their art! I’ll be sure to do a show and tell and introduce my friends and their shops as their goodies arrive, so stay tuned! I wish you all peace and joy today and every day!

Love and hugs,


7 thoughts on “Good morning

  1. Good morning LuLu! I glad you are off to a beautiful start of today! 🙂 I love your line about how you appreciate waking up “healthy and happy and with so much joy and happiness in my heart.” Knowing that made me smile because you are focusing on the beauty of life. 🙂 Many blessings to you! 🙂

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