Here comes the sun

Doo doo doo! Here comes the sun! There’s nothing quite like waking up early enough to watch the sky wake up. I’m sitting outside listening to the Beatles and watching the dark sky turn pink and yellow and orange, its a chilly windy day and its beautiful out. I guess this would be the beauty of the calm before the storm. A nasty hurricane is headed our way (it seems like Florida has a bullseye painted on its coast) in the next few days and I’m dreading it. All the rain means no being outside to enjoy the morning. I wish I lived somewhere to enjoy the snow. At least then a nasty storm would mean building a snow man!

Today I’m going to celebrate my birthday early with my family, and I can’t wait! I love having everyone together under the same roof. We’re mostly all girls (and husbands, boy friends, or ex husbands) so its great to be able to share lots of giggles and catch up. The older I get the more I appreciate my mom and sisters. We’re all very different, but we share a great bond. As my niece grows up to a young lady I see more and more of us all in her, I think she has all of our best parts. Watching her become more of herself and more of us is a beautiful thing but I can’t help but look back to when she was a baby and think its all going by too fast! I’m sure she disagrees because when you’re young you feel like growing up takes forever and you want to be an adult NOW! Funny though, because when you’re an adult you wish you had more days free from responsibility and to be young and invincible again!

I hope you all enjoy your weekend!



6 thoughts on “Here comes the sun

      • I have two.. Sort of. “Let it Be” is my number 1! My name is “Julia” so I of course, have to love that song. It is not really considered the Beatles though…
        I do also love “here comes the sun” it reminds me of my childhood and watching “the parent trap” every day for like – i dont know – 8 months. Lindsay Lohan pre-crazy!

      • I love Let It Be too, I think my favorite is Oh Darling! Its impossible to not sing a long and act like a rock god. In fact I may have to play some Beatles rock band today! I loved the parent trap too, and Lindsey pre crazy is what childhood was all about! I haven’t watched that in years.

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