Leave it to Weaver!

I’ve been oh so lucky in meeting a fabulous group of ladies during my Etsy travels and one of them is a sweetheart of a lady that I consider a sister-like friend. She’s the first person to crack a joke, make you giggle on your worst days, give you support when you’re feeling blue, and she’s modest and talented to boot! Sounds like quite a lady, huh? Meet my friend Red Weaver!

During the next week I’ll be showing off my talented friend and telling you a bit about her and her amazing shop! Sounds fun, doesn’t it? It’s one of the many ways that the lovely ladies of the Artist Loft on Etsy support each other. Please please, if whether you are new or seasoned on Etsy – stop by and check out this group! These ladies are hilarious, supportive, insightful, and uplifting! What else could you ask for?

Red is the kind of gal that you just love to have around. She’s got a heart of gold, an awesome sense of humor, and she’s full of insight and wisdom… did I mention that she’s also a sew pro?? I ordered the most adorable cell phone case from her months ago, and the person I gave it to STILL mentions it to me when I see her! It’s so adorable, and has protected her phone from many “oopsies”! She’s a klutz like me and drops the phone more than she uses it!


Here’s the case I ordered, adorable isn’t it??


And then because I’m CONSTANTLY losing my keys in what my hubby refers to as my “Mary Poppins” purse (hey, I have a lot of stuff! He doesn’t complain when some of it is his, now does he?) So when I saw her oh so cute key fobs with a big sturdy handle I thought “Now THAT’S what I need!”. And guess what? It works! I can find my keys with ease, her products make life a breeze! Hey, that’s catchy… slogan Red? Hehe. Anyway, here is my beloved key fob, it’s great isn’t it? Don’t worry, she has more!


Wouldn’t this make a great stocking stuffer for someone? I know I love mine!

Now, it’s amazing the quality of work this lady does, you would think she would stop there, right? No way! She’s a master at diversity and has something for everyone…and best yet….are you ready for this? It’s actually AFFORDABLE! Go figure, you can actually get quality items for people for christmas, WITHOUT breaking the bank? Yep, you bet! Here are some of my favorites that I haven’t scooped up yet…. you better hurry if you want them!


Here is one of her gorgeous diaper bags! Isn’t it beautiful? I know any new mother, or soon to be new mommy would love to find this tucked under her christmas tree!

Have a smaller budget, but still want to get something special and unique for someone? Check out her cool passport covers! Wouldn’t it be fun to surprise someone with a getaway IOU or ticket tucked into this sweet gift?


Here’s my personal favorite!

She also has aprons, check book covers, key fobs, cell phone charms (another of my must haves, mine is so cute!) and so much more… I don’t know how she does it!

Be sure to check in the rest of the week to learn more about Red… in the meantime here’s a little part of the questions I asked her to get to know her better and to write about her. Isn’t she swell?

1. Tell us a little about your shop. What made you decide to open one? What are your favorite things to make?

I opened my shop upon the advice of my family… Took alot of convincing, but I’m so glad I listened. Not only have I met the most amazing people, but it’s been quite Empowering to have your own business, be your own boss and all the while your customers become your friends, part of the family!!…………………… I really don’t have a favorite thing that I make…. I really enjoy special orders, creating a special something for someone that they envision. That is more fulfilling than anything,, especially when the customer is tickled.. I’m a fabraholic, love all the colors on the palate… I can sit there and look at a piece until it tells me what it wants to be… hehe, OK so that’s a little to deep for me, truth of it is…when I have a design in mind, I then hunt for the perfect color that screams… YES!!

Go check out her shop, and tell her Lulu sent you! Here she is!

Until tomorrow, X’s and O’s,



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