A few of my favorite things (RED)

Continuing on where we left off yesterday, let’s revisit my friend Red Weaver‘s shop… shall we?

Here are a few of my favorites from her amazing selection! You can find more HERE!

Remember my super awesome keyfob I showed you yesterday? Don’t you want one of your own? Here’s my favorite!


Isn’t it so cute? I think this would make such a sweet extra little gift for someone’s stocking!


And how about this adorable necklace? Image

Too cute, right?

And I am just SMITTEN with this “girl on the go” style fabric!


What a cute pencil case! Who wouldn’t love to get this under their tree? I know I’d love it!

Curious to know more about the wonderful lady behind the products? Here are a couple more of the questions I asked lovely Red. Even through her text you can tell what a wonderful person she is and what a great heart she has!

2. What advice would you give to someone with a new shop?

Never give up hope… If your feeling lost and ready to give up… Join a group, root your way in.. and ask for help!

I couldn’t agree more! What great advice! I’ve met so many wonderful ladies (and gents of course!) in my groups. I HIGHLY recommend the Artists Loft, Handmade Circle, and of course my wonderful hippie friends at Hippie Peaceniks. They’re full of GREAT people with great insight and support who will welcome you with open arms, hearts, and minds! They’re so accepting and kind, I promise you’ll love them all!

3. What character in a book or movie, would you say shows your personality?

Julia Roberts….


I totally agree! Red is so sweet, kind, and gentle natured. You can tell she has such a big heart and great personality! I’m a huge fan of Julia Roberts, and of course Red! What are your favorite Julia movies? I love EVERYTHING but Pretty Woman, Eat Pray Love, My Best Friends Wedding, and of course Mona Lisa Smile are my favorites!

Thanks for learning more about my sweet friend, I hope you pay her shop many visits! You can find it HERE! And thank you for reading, I hope you all are having wonderful weekends!

Please stop by and visit my dear friend Deni’s blog from Cutterstone Jewelry, not only is she a fabulous blogger, a wonderful shop owner, but she’s blogging about ME this week! Exciting!!

Till tomorrow, X’s and O’s



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