Keeping things fresh

The new year has sparked a desire for me to freshen things up. I’m a firm believer that you have to do that with every aspect of your self and your life or things become too mundane and routine. Now, mind you, I LOVE a good routine. I like things orderly and scheduled and to have a sense of control and organization, but… part of keeping my interest in things is also expanding things and changing them around. You move furniture around in your house to get a different vibe, you color your hair or buy a different shade of lipstick so you see a slight difference in your appearance, so why not do the same with your hobbies and work? You should! I was looking at my facebook business page and shop and got bored. If I own it and see it every day and get bored, why would I expect someone who doesn’t take pride in my hard work to be interested? Well, I can’t. So, I mixed things up! A few hours of creative juice and time yesterday and Ta-Da! A whole new look! Check it out….

My Facebook Business Page

My Shop Front

Not bad, eh?

Sometimes it just feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day. In a perfect day I’d love to keep up with the house work, the bills, the appointments that need to be scheduled for the house/pets/husband/myself, time with friends and family, time to create, time to advertise, time to blog, time to RELAX and breathe, to read, watch a movie, or just sit quietly, work out, and to take time to pamper and beautify myself. Let me tell you, NO DAY can accommodate all of that! So I have to pick and choose and let one thing take the lead while another gets forgotten for that particular day. Balance is a struggle, but it’s worth the pay off. I’ve been chugging along and have 89 items in my shop (I hope to reach one of my goals and have 100 by the end of the month!).

It seems like some days I do the same routine over and over, like groundhog day, my day just repeats itself. I don’t mind it, because most of my days are wonderful and I love doing what I do and who I spend my time with. Sometimes it’s nice to just mix things up though! That’s why I keep changing things, keep updating things, keep trying new things. I’ve loved learning how to make bottle cap images. It’s let me enjoy being creative in a more “modern day” way by learning how to make graphics and edit things, and I like that it’s more instant gratification than my very time consuming crocheting. Most importantly… it’s something NEW!

What do you do to keep your routine more interesting? For me it helps me stay motivated and engaged in what I’m doing instead of just zoning out and going through the motions. What motivates you?

Here’s to hoping I get a robot butler for my birthday in October, or some kind of minion or elves.




2 thoughts on “Keeping things fresh

  1. First of all, I love your new cover photo and store front, and I need to put some serious thought about fixing mine up. Thanks for the inspiration. Making my Critters in a new color combination, or in a new print really gets me pepped up…just as much as trying out a new pattern for the first time. I love a good routine, too, and I haven’t really had one other than get up go to work go home during the summer…before too long a new routine gets set in place…and then it’s time to change it up again. Change keeps us alive! xxoo

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