Oh my goodness – I don’t know about everyone else but this week DRAGGED on for me. I can tell I am getting burnt out because usually waking up in the morning and crocheting away the day sounds SO appealing… after this week I’m going to need a couple of days off! I’ve been trying my best to hit 100 items, and guess what?? Tomorrow I will! I have 6 pairs of gloves, 2 scarves, and 4 necklaces ready for pictures/editing/listing! WAHOO! I’m super proud of myself for the past couple of weeks – I really threw myself at my goals and I’m so so so happy and relieved to say that I accomplished SO much! What goals, you may ask?

  • Hit 250 likes by summer
  • Have 100 sales by the end of the year
  • Have 2k twitter followers by the end of the year
  • Have 100 items in my shop (this one is a toughie)
  • Lose 50 pounds by Valentines Day (11 pounds to go!)
  • Put my good intentions into great actions.
  • Give more. Be more. Enjoy more.

So let’s review….

  • I’m at 236 likes, only 14 to go and it’s nowhere near summer! (Raise the roof!)
  • Okay, so I only had 2 sales in January… but still I’m a lot closer to 100 than I was last year 😉
  • I’m at 1,200 followers! Holy cow! Never ever ever did I think when I signed up for twitters that ANY one would follow me… let alone 1200 anyones! Crazy!
  • Tomorrow I’ll hit 100 items (insert happy dance and wild frolicking here)
  • I’ve happily and proudly lost 52.6 pounds with 2 weeks to spare
  • I’ve actively tried to be better about keeping in touch with people, saying hi, telling everyone I love them etc.
  • (See above) and I don’t think I could do more, be more, or create more than I have the past two weeks. I’m BEAT!

I’m really happy that things in my life are going the way that I want them to (aside from the sales fairy being a stranger, but maybe she’s just letting me hit 100. I hope). I’ve learned that if I want things a certain way I can’t just expect them to end up that way, I have to MAKE my life the way I want it. So, if you know a personal business owner or Etsy shop owner HUG THEM. Yes, we get to work from home and have our own schedule….  but guess what? We work enough hours to cover two full time jobs, we have families to take care of and spend time with, and as hard as we work we NEVER can know if we’ll get a “check” for all that hard work! Even dedicated and seasoned shop owners can have (I imagine, I can only guess because I’m not personally one) slow times. So any time you think “I wish I was my own boss” just remember that it’s not always rainbows and sunshine. We work hard! Can you tell I’m tired? Do you like my combo post of a HOORAY FOR ME/ rant? Haha. Okay, officially time for bed! All these goodies aren’t going to list themselves tomorrow. Night folks!




5 thoughts on “TGIF…almost

  1. You’ve been working so hard and have been meeting so many of your goals, I think a couple days off would rejuvenate you!

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