Monday Mayhem

Oh my goodness, what a day! Has anyone ever had to deal with their Dr’s office and their insurance company about a claim being “denied”? WOW, what a chore! That was how my morning started, talk about having a case of the Mondays! Poor Dan had to go to the Dr for a regular check up, blood work, etc, you know – the usual, a few months ago. We had gotten a bill for the visit, even though we were covered under his new job’s insurance, so of course he called did the whole routine and supposedly got it fixed. Nope! Friday we got a 2nd bill, this time with interest and a stern wording saying we’re “severely behind on payment”. So, I call… After going through the Press 1, press 2, press 3, scream, hold your breath, punch the keyboard, throw your phone routine again and FINALLY get through to a human being…. Just to be asked if I have his permission to discuss his account. “Yes, yes I do, I’m his wife and also on the same insurance provider.” Of course that wasn’t good enough, and she was in a real huff and seriously rude for no reason at all, and got an attitude saying “He’ll have to call and verify that or you won’t be able to access it.” I said “Of course, we wouldn’t want anyone to be angry with your office for paying the bill, Darn those Bill Paying Bandits, making life hard on all of us!”. She didn’t laugh. So I text poor Dan and he calls, she tells him it’s been denied. He tells her it hasn’t, that he’s already spoken to someone yada yada, basically call the insurance company or pay the bill, buzz off. So he texts me back and I call the insurance company again, who thankfully was very polite and helpful (though it did take 20 minutes to get to another HUMAN again). They said the payment was processed on the 5th of Feb and that it should be delivered soon. I call the Dr Office back again and relay the info, again met with a rude attitude. It seems like sometimes you can’t win with customer service. You either get a robot, lots of button pushing prompts, long waits, or when you do finally get a living being, you get attitude. I hate that! I’m so glad that my job enables me to be able to communicate with my customers directly about my products, but if I wasn’t a people person I would probably think of a different job than customer service, considering that is essentially your entire job. Talking to people. I get that Mondays suck, but throwing out ‘tude all over everyone else seems a little obnoxious. Anyway, I’m sure everyone can relate to that so I figured I’d vent a little!

In other news, I’ve been super duper mega deluxe busy and loving it! I’m sure if you read my blog you’ve heard me rambling on and on about goals and I’m super sorry if that’s getting tiresome or boring to read, but it takes up so much of my time and brings me such pride and joy that I love to share that with others. I HOPE that it’s inspirational and motivational and not annoying or obnoxious. Trust that it comes from a place of joy and delight and want to share, and not a bragging or anything else place.

So, goal update!

  • I’ve lost 56 pounds!
  • I have 267 likes on facebook
  • I have 102 items in my shop!

So I guess I need some new goals…

  • Lose 100 pounds total by my 10 year wedding anniversary. (7/11) 44 pounds in 5 months seems totally do able!
  • Have 150 items by that time as well.
  • Have 500 likes on facebook by then.

Wish me luck! I’ve been blessed with a ton of amazing friends and family (and my beautiful and talented team mates and friends from Etsy) and it’s been such a great support system through all of this. Some days you just need to know you have people in your corner rooting you on, and I do and I love you guys for it!

When I first starting making scarves I always loved fringe. I think it looks very hippie boho and gives scarves that little bit of finished flair. I was way too chicken to try, until today! I found a quick and easy How-To and I did it! Here’s the finished product.


You can find it HERE, in my shop.

I hope that everyone else has had a great Monday and has a great week this week! Remember, even though other people can get under our skin… only YOU can decide how your day goes! So make a great week!

Smile, it makes the world brighter and lighter!




2 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem

  1. Always so wonderful to hear your take on things when they go well and when they go not so well too! congrats on accomplishing all your goals, setting new ones & that you got past your Dr’s bill!!!

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