Big Sister

I still remember being a little girl and looking up to my big sister Jenny. Like all sisters, we fought and had our moments of despair based on the others actions… but mostly, she just protected me. She always took me on adventures, played countless hours of dolls and dress up with me, and was my absolute hero. Once, when I was pretty young, I had this awful teacher who literally threw a book at all the students. Literally, she got really upset and THREW a book! After it hit the wall and then the ground next to me and made a HUGE noise, I was terrified! So, I left. Didn’t raise my hand and ask permission, just got up, walked out, and went to the office. My mom worked when I was younger, and though my sister was always in school or at work herself, I knew if I ever really needed her she would be there in a flash. I was sniffling and holding back tears as I stomped up to the big desk in the front office and peered over the top to demand they call my sister Jenny. A few sniffles and a small explanation and she was on her way. I’ll never forget how she stomped in and found me sitting in a chair in the corner and first soothed me and coaxed what happened out of me. She told me to wait right there and stomped off to my 1st grade teachers room. She asked to speak to her outside and as I looked out the office door and spied them down the hallway all I heard and saw was my big sister pointing her finger at my teacher with one hand on her hip and asking her if she was proud of herself for scaring a room full of small children. Even though I sometimes annoyed her and I’m sure ruined her fun a few times by begging to go with her, she would never let anyone hurt me. She did that several times when I was younger, first with my first grade teacher Mrs Gardner who I’ll never forget for being so awful and mean, and then later in life with a P.E. teacher (who I’m pretty sure she made cry and shrink about a foot) and many more times with a step mother and a few “friends”.

She always knew what to say to make it better, or cheer me up, and she was always on my side. We went on a drive one day listening to music and singing along and I begged and pleaded to stop and look at puppies at a pet store. She told me over and over again that our parents (mainly my dad) would NOT let us get one and to please not get my hopes up, but of course I did. I fell in love with a little black and white dog that I already named in my head, Precious. We went home and I was crying and upset, begging for the dog. No no no! They would NOT allow it! I went to my room to continue my crying and surely, I thought, to die of sadness. The pet shop was about an hour away, so two hours later my sister pulled into the drive way with the dog in arms and brought her to me. I still have no idea what she said to convince them, but Jenny is hard to say no to. I loved that dog, and mostly my big sister who I could always count on.

Jenny and I are still really close, though she’s really busy caring for a little one every day of the week, and a teenager (god help her) she still makes time to text me back and forth every day and give me advice or just be silly with me. She’s actually how I got started with Etsy. She’s always been REALLY talented. She can draw, make clay sculptures, beautiful collages, and more recently little hats, dresses, and felt stuffed animals for dolls. I was feeling pretty down and wanted to make my own money and she brought up how I used to love writing and that I should write little books or poems for Etsy, I was (and still am) VERY shy with my short stories (mostly for children) and poetry so I shrugged it off and filed the info away.

A few years ago Jenny got too busy to really create as much as she was initially so she wasn’t on Etsy but sold a few pieces here and there on Ebay with great luck. When I learned how to crochet, it clicked! I should open a shop! She gave me all the tips and tricks she had learned and supported me 150%, as she always does. I have been begging her to come back to Etsy, to make a few things and she finally has! So I’d love to share that with you all!

You can find my sister Jenny’s shop HERE.

She has two very adorable Blythe Hats listed at the moment, with more to come!

Thanks Jenny for always being a great big sister, you’re still my constant, and my “person”. I really appreciate all your support (especially your constant cheer leading with my shop and my weight loss!)

I hope everyone is having a great start to their week! I’m working on a red fringey scarf this week, so I’ll be sure to come back and do show and tell when it’s finished.




8 thoughts on “Big Sister

  1. What an amazing and awesome reminiscence about your big sister Lulu! As a big sister myself it is always an indescribably wonderful feeling when you know you are appreciated! I am so happy that you have your big sister in your life! you are such a loving and warm, wonderful friend, there is nothing great in this world that you do not deserve! Well written and beautiful my dear Lulu! ❤

    • Aw thank you so much Lisa! She truly is my best friend. It’s always good to have someone that really “gets” you, especially when you’re as sarcastic and darkly humorous as I am!

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